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Zipper-up Hoodies Design Should Pay Attention To What

Nov 06, 2017

Zipper-up Hoodies design should pay attention to what? Many students and parents are now overwhelmed with Zipper-up Hoodies, and some want to design Zipper-up Hoodies, but what should you watch out for when designing Zipper-up Hoodies? Then Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:
The design of a Zipper-up Hoodies has some limitations because the group he is targeting is a student, so the design should take into account the factors that are relevant to it and the requirements of the particular environment in which it is worn.
1. Zipper-up Hoodies color: Zipper-up Hoodies require lively yet rigorous, relaxed and steady color, so we should put the color with a good, for example, a lot of Zipper-up Hoodies with blue and white is the meaning of this.
2. Hoodie zipper ratio: You can design Zipper-up Hoodies according to your average height of the crowd to design.
3. Handmade: If you want to manual design, you need to have some basis for painting. There is a certain knowledge of the structure of the garment, so it will be drawn up according to the design of the human body, I suggest you go first to some Zipper-up Hoodies design site to see others design, and then according to your situation by adding your design philosophy will be more Good play your design talent
4, the school: Zipper-up Hoodies design best to communicate with the school, after all, the final decision is still in school, which can also avoid some over-excited behavior.
For most students, a Zipper-up Hoodies is a flawed one, and many students try to find ideas that give a Zipper-up Hoodies a different taste, so how do Zipper-up Hoodies match Can we look better? Then Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:
1, to look good with slightly more difficult, fertilizer fat pants, especially cold shoes, Zipper-up Hoodies how to wear good-looking is a problem. If you like casual style, you can wear hooded sweater inside, the hat will be exposed outside Zipper-up Hoodies open, wearing a long pendant or around a bright color scarf. If you like a little personality can be equipped with vest, back punk little bag, with hiking shoes
2, petite girls wear clothes, legs must be as slim as possible, so that one can learn from each other. Waist gray casual pants, with a white bat sleeve shirt, simple and neat.
3, the next match, is still a high waist black pants skirt, quite a sense of design, and coupled with the belt, it is more suitable for those who fashion OL temperament. The shirt is part of the collar shirt collar, with a touch of color retro, very good looking, and finally is a long paragraph coat, it was thin.
4, this kind of clothes, it is suitable for the body is relatively small and ass a little meat girl. Because the first shirt design is a high waist, can make your legs a better ratio. Moreover, the design is open, can cover a certain amount of meat for you, so as to achieve thin results.
5, white collar shirt, dignified ladies, a lot of people have a right? The lower body, choose high waist skirt, and the length of the knee a little above, so that it will make your thighs a good ratio, it is suitable for petite Girl's dress.
6, white classic shirt, is the most fashionable in the wild series of single product, spring, many girls will choose white dress, the lower body with black tights is a woman handsome show, but also very significant body, tall body is Many girls pursue and envy. This is also the perfect answer to how to dress in spring.
The above is the Zipper-up Hoodies how to match the problem, the Zipper-up Hoodies can also try innovation, patterns and many other aspects, with a Zipper-up Hoodies is also a self-personality show, but do not exceed the scope of the school that is can.