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White School Uniform Mold How To Wash Off

Oct 12, 2017

White School Uniform mold how to wash off? In this rainy weather, the air is full of water vapor, and this is the most likely to lead clothing and other clothing moldy, especially the white uniform is easier to see, then how should we be able to wash these ugly mildew? Next to introduce the next
Can the clothes be moldy? Easily wash off the mold on the method
As the weather is hot and humid air, or seasonal, wash the clothes is easy to mold, especially the white clothes, once grown on the mold point, is very depressing thing.
It does not matter, to deal with these moldy point, there are many ways:
Green bean sprouts cleaning School Uniforms plaques; tender green bean sprouts on the mold point, his hands hard rub, is not clean some of it? And then put some green bean sprouts and then rub, hum, color and shallow a lot, and then rub, Kung Fu pays off, mold point no, and finally rinse with water, ha ha, so simple, the problem solved;
Clothing on the mildew can be sun exposure in the first, after the brush with mildew, and then washed with alcohol;
The mold was stained stains into the thick soapy water soaked, with soapy water out, set the sun for a while, repeated drying several times, until the plaque removed, and then clean water;
Citric acid cleaning School Uniforms plaque: silk clothing can be washed with citric acid, after washing with cold water;
Calcium chloride solution cleaning School Uniforms plaque: hemp fabric mold stains, calcium chloride can be used for cleaning;
Mustard solution cleaning School Uniforms plaque: wool stains can also be used mustard solution or borax solution (a bucket of water plus two tablespoons of mustard or two tablespoons of borax) cleaning;
With 2% soap alcohol solution (250 grams of alcohol with a soft soap, stirring evenly) wipe, and then use bleach 3-5% sodium hypochlorite or wipe with hydrogen peroxide, and finally wash. This method is limited to white clothing, traces can be soaked in solution for 1 hour.
The above is about white School Uniforms should be how to clean the method, if you do not want to clean, then in our daily life will have to pay attention to, ventilation is a very important factor.
How to quickly remove the School Uniform musty? In the summer, School Uniforms and other clothing due to wet and so on, very prone to moldy situation, and this will produce a musty, very bad, then how should we remove moldy quickly remove the musty? Then we introduce the next:
The first to store this dress to put some things, such as citrus skin \ recommend to you with charcoal to suck, the supermarket has to sell, specifically in addition to taste. Usually empty when the pocket put some, the problem Should be able to solve
Remove the School Uniform musty method: clothes issued musty, you can add two tablespoons of white vinegar and half a bag of milk in the laundry basin, put the clothes in this specially formulated laundry water soak for 10 minutes, so that vinegar and milk to absorb clothes on the Musty, then washed, washed, left rubbing, rubbing the right, and finally rinse with water, musty no.
If you want to go out, too late to use this method to remove the musty School Uniform , you can try again with a hair dryer to musty way: the clothes hang up, the hair dryer set in the cold windshield, facing the clothes Blow 10 to 15 minutes, so that the wind to take the clothes musty, and then you can safely put it out.
Method 4: the rainy season, how to deal with moldy clothing School Uniform ? Moldy is one of the most important results produced by wet conditions. This fungus can cause irregular shapes of stains. Its appearance color ranging from gray to black, but sometimes also affect the yellow to red School Uniform . It has a mild smell, and sometimes also lead to degradation of fabric degradation. Plant fiber or protein fiber is most likely to produce mildew.