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When Is The School Uniform Of Primary And Middle School

Aug 02, 2017

When is the School Uniform of primary and middle school

Before we go to school is a School Uniform, is just on the first or the high school to custom-made, sportswear forms of big and fat, the wear is three years, now is not the same, school teachers and leaders are willing to take time in School Uniforms, because he not only can reflect the image of the school, present the idea of school education, and can prevent the students dress up with the joneses "phenomenon, enhance the students' collective sense of honor.

School Uniforms are generally divided into summer, spring and autumn, winter and three quarters, but what time does it fit for students to order uniforms? Ever began to order uniforms are students began school, wait until after summer School Uniform well, summer is almost all in the past, so the uniform change garments according to the order ahead of time, can't wait until the weather is hot or the winter began to production, because some schools itself must wear their School Uniforms, if the summer or winter School Uniforms is not complete, can't let the students during the hot summer or cold winter in the spring and autumn School Uniform also!! Therefore, many schools choose to make sure of the relevant customization of the School Uniforms before the summer and summer holidays. The manufacturers begin production in the winter and summer holidays, and the students wear new uniforms after the school year.

To solve the problem of uniform product is unqualified, uniform manufacturer must understand and familiar with the relevant national mandatory standards and product standards, carry out and implement the use of the relevant standards, and update the related standards, to understand and grasp new technology content and requirements of the standard to ensure the quality of School Uniform reach or exceed the national standard specification.

1. Production enterprises should strengthen production management, formulate and improve the enterprise quality assurance system, and ensure the quality of products meets the requirements.

The production enterprise should improve the fiber content labeling problem from the following aspects.

First, strict raw material quality, School Uniform accurately grasp the fiber content of raw material, to provide reliable information for spinning weaving, beware of the raw material information errors, even using the wrong raw materials, ensure that the product of fiber content under control.

Secondly, in order to obtain accurate fiber composition information to provide to the buyer, manufacturing enterprises can evaluate the fiber content in the product, or entrust the relevant inspection department inspection, get detailed and accurate composition information.

(2) to use non-standard improvement, production enterprise should according to the relevant laws and regulations standard labeling instructions on the use of the relevant information according to the facts, for uncertain information to validate rear can indicate, when it is necessary for the relevant test or consulting, School Uniform avoid by all means is optional.

For the improvement of the pH value

Due to the high pH value and the process of textiles, School Uniform the production enterprises can optimize the process to control effectively. At the same time the pH value is used to represent the pH of the product, and the pH value of the product can be controlled by the regulation of pH.

The improvement of formaldehyde content exceeding standard

Since formaldehyde content exceeds the specific processing technology of textile, School Uniform production enterprises can control the formaldehyde content of textiles from the following steps.

First, analyze the product that you are going to produce, School Uniform and make clear what process your product will go through, and what techniques may be introduced into formaldehyde.

Second, to control of dyeing auxiliaries, selection and use of low formaldehyde or formaldehyde-free finishing agent, such as: low formaldehyde formaldehyde-free crease resistant durable press finishing agent, formaldehyde formaldehyde-free flame retardant, low formaldehyde formaldehyde-free fixing agent, etc. For products that use adhesives, choose an adhesive that contains no formaldehyde. If formaldehyde is used as cross-linking agent, the added amount should be controlled properly.

Again, for use in the manufacturing process of the products containing formaldehyde finishing agent, fabric or garment before delivery to strengthen water washing process and drying, because after washing and drying, the residual formaldehyde can be further removed.

In addition, the production enterprise or the distribution enterprise, can use formaldehyde to have the characteristic of stronger volatile sex, the textile clothing that passes through the unpacked and unwrapped garment is put in ventilated good place, let it volatilize.