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What Is The Polyester T Shirt?

Dec 26, 2017

What is the Polyester t-shirt?

Most of people requirement on clothes quality is higher and higher With the continuous improvement of living standards.In addition to looking at the style,they aslo would like to has hiht quality of the fabric.As we know,different fabric would show you different view.There are many t shirts in the market show that 100% Polyester,or main fabric is Polyetser.Do you know what is Polyester Fabirc?

Polyester fiber is synthesized from organic diacid and diglycol polycondensation,It widely used clothes.

The advantage of Polyester t shirt:

Polyester fiber has high strength and elastic resilience, so it is durable and anti-wrinkling.Its light resistance is better, besides compared to acrylic difference, its fastness ability is superior to natural fiber fabric, especially in the glass behind the fastness is very good, almost equal with acrylic. In addition, polyester fabrics are resistant to all kinds of chemical properties, acid and alkali are not much damage, and they are not afraid of mold, and they are not afraid of insects.

The disadvantage of Polyester t shirt:

First of all, the moisture absorption of polyester fiber is poor, the water absorption is not strong, the resistance is poor, it is easy to absorb dust, because of its texture; And then it's the permeability is poor, it's not easy to breathe; In the end, the dyeing performance is poor, and it is necessary to dye the dispersive dyes at high temperature.