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What Is The Main Point Of The Quarterly Hoodies?

Sep 04, 2017

What is the main point of the quarterly Hoodies?
Hoodies custom factory said: Hoodies hat was first appeared in Japan. Because the war led to all family life is very difficult. The school in order to make the family in that family of students, not because of my family hard and self-discouraged, also did not make those living environment good home students, is the school boast. As the portable wear has been marked that they are in the school once the study, but their family is not the same. School in order to make every student, I feel that I and outsiders are waiting for. In addition, each time a student attends school must wear the opposite coat. At first this view was received by a large number of schools, the rules of the students dress the same coat. This is the origin of the Hoodies.
Primary school hood design guidelines
Primary school students and middle school students' Hoodies are the two most important types of student Hoodies. Because the primary and state culture level, the level of development of students, the naive shape of the differences in the range of life are not obvious, because the pajamas and the Hoodies of high school students are required to stop the Golden Rooster is more independent of the idea.
Primary school students are generally 7 to 12 years old, 13 years old, Chinese students are in primary school stage to bear the higher culture, the primary consciousness of politics and law is also in this era. Primary school students are characterized by the characteristics of the baby or young people, vivid, moving, thinking is also absolutely pure. In the junior high school students Hoodies of the idea, can be appropriate to create their own small clothes style, color can become more obvious, nervous. Because the students into the high school class body has begun to develop, if the clothing is too tight shape is conducive to the growth of young people, it is difficult to adapt to the height of the young people and the degree of increase in the degree of progress, clothing style is too small Clothes are more difficult to grow with the young people need to think of harmony, because the Hoodies are the shape and structure must be based on the characteristics of the young age students to stop adequate consideration. General primary school student Hoodies are all on the basis of the same style, the low class student Hoodies and high class students Hoodies to conceive to comply with the primary school students are not with the growth stage of the inner request.
Hoodies factory: high school students, high school Hoodies design guidelines
The age of students in the class is 13 years old, 14 years old to 20 years old and outside. This stage of the students are successful and heart are beginning naive, outlook on life and outlook on life are gradually formed, their characteristics are upset, angry, there are intense political and legal participation ceremony. Compared with the paternity Hoodies, the design style of the maternity Hoodies is more and more loose, the text, especially high school students can hold the Hoodies in the Hoodies echoes. However, the whole point of view, the shape and color of high school students hats are in the text of the style on the foundation, but also should be more performance of the youth and angry students, but not able to fully show the personality of adults.
 Children live lively, play in the kindergarten slapstick, completely ignored the body of the hood has been full of dust, or accidentally stained with oil and the like is not easy to wash off, hooded on the wash can not afford a small stain, Children are not willing to go to school, which can give a lot of parents brought a lot of trouble.
Greasy: We can use the residual tea leaves to remove the dark hoods of the oil traces. We can also use a little toothpaste and detergent mixed with the Hoodies on the oil.
Mildew: sometimes Hoodies will appear mildew, we can use a small amount of green bean sprouts at the mold point rub, and then rinse with water, mold point can be cleared.
Chewing gum: Hoodies accidentally sticky chewing gum, and into the refrigerator and so hard and brittle, and then scraped it.
Traces: white hooded for a long time will turn yellow, the white hooded soaked in the rinse, it will be white as new!
Rust stains: 1. 15% acetic acid wipe stains, but also can be part of the stain soaked in the acetic acid solution, the next day and then rinse with water.
2. Dilute the stain with 10% citric acid liquid or 10% oxalic acid liquid, then stir into the brine and rinse it the next day.
3. white cotton and cotton mixed with the fabric stained with rust, take a small amount of oxalic acid on the stains, dripping some warm water, gently rub, immediately rinse clean water.
4. If fresh lemon, you can squeeze the juice drops on the rust stains by hand rub, repeated several times until the rust stains removed, the last soap and water washed. Or the first rusty place with boiling water soaked, coated with sour milk, and then the normal washing schedule week