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Uniform Advantages Of School Uniform

Jul 20, 2017

Uniform advantages of School Uniform

Students in School Uniform in School Uniform, for the school, is conducive to training team spirit, improving the overall image of the school, enhancing the sense of collective honor; For students, it helps to eliminate the tendency of students to dress and compare, and devote more energy to learning. For parents, the trouble of choosing a casual dress for their child is eliminated.

According to the survey responses "students are beginning to interested in clothing, dress, etc, the school now, there are no rules for hair, had emerged many odd hairstyle, if you don't wear School Uniforms, colorful, in the class can't concentrate. It is a distraction for the teaching and learning also has a big effect on the students." According to the survey, the School Uniform and clean clothing will help to strengthen the teaching discipline and help students to think rationally.

Interview the teacher gives an example: "to a certain school teaching research meeting, neatly dressed in School Uniforms, students to wear plain clothes, spirit is not the same. To listen to the teacher, students wear School Uniforms unity, atmosphere is very good."

Parents believe that students wear School Uniforms to remind students of their status, keep an eye on their behavior, strengthen self-discipline on campus, and discipline themselves on campus.

Small and medium schools choose the appropriate School Uniforms for students. It is recommended that you take a closer look at the following points:

1. School Uniform size codes are represented by Numbers corresponding to height, such as elementary school: 115 -- 185 middle school: 140 -- 210 per 5CM. When buying School Uniform, as long as choose and buy the code number corresponding to oneself height is ok. Students who are physically obese should choose a special code, which can be read in "student clothes".

2. Particularly obese students may consider purchasing the same style [special code] School Uniforms, which can be customized to the children's clothing service stores of the Bob people.

3. Pure cotton knitwear School Uniform, the normal shrinkage rate is greater than 6% after washing; The spring and autumn School Uniform of polyester and polyester viscose products, after washing, the normal shrinkage rate is greater than 2.5%

4. The national standard for clothing size deviation is greater than 3%. If you buy two sets of the same School Uniform, the size is a little deviation, which is normal, please feel free to use it.

Fabric purchase is a major project, the fabric is used to make clothing materials. As one of the three elements of clothing, the fabric can not only interpret the style and characteristics of the clothes, but also directly influence the color and shape of the clothes. The quality of clothing is directly determined by the quality of the fabric.

Clothing is composed of three elements: style, color and material. The material is the most basic element. Clothing material refers to all materials that make up clothing, which can be divided into clothing fabrics and accessories. Common clothing fabrics:

Cotton fabric: a fabric made of cotton yarn or cotton and cotton blended yarns. Its air permeability is good, moisture absorption is good, wear comfortable, it is practical strong popular fabrics. Can be divided into pure cotton products, cotton blended two kinds.

Linen fabric: pure hemp woven by hemp fiber and other fabrics of blended or interwoven fabrics are collectively known as hemp fabrics. The common characteristic of hemp type fabrics is the texture is firm and tough, rough hard, cool and comfortable, absorb wet sex is good, it is the ideal summer clothing fabric, hemp type cloth can be divided into pure spinning and mixed spinning two kinds.

Silk fabric: high grade in textiles. Mainly refers to the silk, tussah silk, rayon, synthetic fiber filament as the main raw material. It has the advantages of light, soft, smooth, elegant, gorgeous and comfortable.

The wool fabric: is the wool, rabbit hair, camel hair, fabric made of wool type chemical fiber as main raw materials, general with wool for live, it is a year the four seasons of high-grade fabrics, has good elasticity, anti-wrinkle, crisp, durable wear-resistant, warmth retention property is strong, comfortable and beautiful, and the advantages of pure color, is popular among consumers.

Pure chemical fiber fabric: chemical fiber fabric is loved by people for its fastness, elasticity, clean and clean, durable and easy to keep. Pure chemical fiber fabric is made of pure chemical fiber. Its properties are determined by the properties of its chemical fiber itself. The chemical fiber can be processed into a certain length according to different needs, and it is woven into the fabric of imitation silk, imitation cotton, imitation hemp, elastic imitation wool and Chinese long imitation wool.