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The Uniformity And Benefits Of The Hoodies

Aug 02, 2017

The uniformity and benefits of the Hoodies
The Hoodies is an external manifestation of the overall mental outlook and collective honor of a school student and an integral part of the campus culture. Students Hoodies in addition to the general function of clothing, but also has a subtle influence of moral education.
First, the hood can also produce a sense of equality, because the students are now the family income situation is very different, clothing comparison phenomenon is more prevalent. If we wear the same dress in school, so that the feeling of mutual education among students is equal, easy to form a kind of cooperation, unity, mutual respect for the spirit. In order to cultivate children's hard and simple quality, to avoid the wind of the popular in the campus.
Second, the Hoodiess can make students in the sense of identity on the other social differences, and thus have their own binding. Such as honor, law-abiding, civilized and courteous, these aspects of Hoodiess can play the role of internal constraints, a symbol of the role of our students play a subtle role in nurturing. To prevent students fancy dress, but also easy to form the correct aesthetic of the students.
Third, the hood can also reduce the parents of the students on the clothing investment. Uniform custom Hoodiess prices are relatively low for the family to save money.
Fourth, the Hoodiess have a normative behavior for students. Hoodies, is a professional characteristics. Students uniform wear Hoodiess, which is conducive to the awareness of the rules, the cultivation of standard awareness. The school is a special place, it is different from the outside society, our students are learning to grow in the process, so in terms of that aspect of the behavior of students should be standardized. But also easy for students to have a position on their own, whether in school, or outside the school, because they are a student and have a constraint.
Fifth, students wear Hoodiess, but also give yourself a sense of responsibility. Hoodiess in the body is to learn, grow knowledge, learn to be a man. According to statistics, wearing Hoodiess than the students do not wear Hoodiess make mistakes are much lower probability. Hoodiess always remind us of their own identity and responsibility, and for their own mistakes pulled a warning line, set up a firewall. And Hoodiess to convey to others the message is that we are a student, should be the social care.
 In short, the students uniform wearing Hoodiess is:
          The symbol of collective ownership of campus culture
          Self - respect dignity equal to the agreement
      Every day we should wear a hood, to wear Hoodiess proud!
 In general, now in rural areas or in the city, large and small primary school, junior high school, high school schools are required to go to school must wear Hoodiess. Hood the role of Needless to say, and today Shanghai Qi Zhi Hoodiess to talk about the existence of most of the current hooded drawbacks.
    First of all, now the Hoodiess are monotonous, and basically are sportswear, like some girls now pursue neutral beauty, not approached, really men and women are not tell, it is easy to cause students and other issues of poor gender awareness.