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The Origin Of WhiteDay.

Mar 14, 2018

March 14 was called WihteDay.Most of the people think it's for the continuation of the Valentine's Day.And It originated Rome of three jerkins at the earliest stage.

According to legend the emperor to set up the valentine's day is to commemorate their saved on February 14, a pair for violating the ban and should be put to death the lovers love marriage After a month,the couple swore to die, then become white valentine's day began to spread to other countries is generally believed that Japan's first to accept and promote this holiday, because Japan's strong cultural soft power makes the Asian countries to follow suit, so this is not accurate historical records of valentine's day has become a young lovers on another valentine's day

WhiteDay popular in Japan,China Taiwan and other countries.It's different to send the gifts both the women and men.But main gifts are chocolates and a rose.

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