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The Importance Of Making Fabric Purchase In The Hoodies

Jul 20, 2017

The importance of making fabric purchase in the Hoodies

Fabric purchase is a major project, and the fabric is used to make the Hoodies. As one of the three elements of Hoodies, the fabric can not only interpret the style and characteristics of the Hoodies, but also direct the color and shape of the Hoodies. The quality of the fabric directly determines the quality of the Hoodies.

The Hoodies is composed of three elements: style, color and material. The material is the most basic element. The Hoodies is made up of all the materials that make up the Hoodies, which can be divided into Hoodies fabrics and Hoodies accessories. Commonly used Hoodies fabrics

Cotton fabric: a fabric made of cotton yarn or cotton and cotton blended yarns. Its air permeability is good, moisture absorption is good, wear comfortable, it is practical strong popular fabrics. Can be divided into pure cotton products, cotton blended two kinds.

Linen fabric: pure hemp woven by hemp fiber and other fabrics of blended or interwoven fabrics are collectively known as hemp fabrics. The common characteristic of hemp type fabric is the texture is firm, rough and hard, cool and comfortable, wet and good, it is the ideal summer hat garment fabric, the linen fabric can be divided into two kinds: pure spinning and blending.

Silk fabric: high grade in textile. Mainly refers to the silk, tussah silk, rayon, synthetic fiber filament as the main raw material. It has the advantages of light, soft, smooth, elegant, gorgeous and comfortable.

Four type wool fabric: is the wool, rabbit hair, camel hair, hair type fabric made of chemical fiber as main raw materials, general with wool for live, it is all the year round high Hoodies fabric, with good elasticity, anti-wrinkle, crisp, durable wear-resistant, comfortable warmth retention property is strong, beautiful and pure color, is popular among consumers.

Pure chemical fiber fabric: chemical fiber fabric is popular for its fastness, elasticity, clean and clean, durable and easy to keep and collect. Pure chemical fiber fabric is made of pure chemical fiber. Its properties are determined by the properties of its chemical fiber itself. The chemical fiber can be processed into a certain length according to different needs, and it is woven into the fabric of imitation silk, imitation cotton, imitation hemp, elastic imitation wool and Chinese long imitation wool.

Recently the Hoodies customized national standards committee agreed to release the national standard GB/T31888-2015 "Hoodiess" primary and secondary students in the standard rules Hoodies straight touch to touch the skin of some cotton fiber content of the nominal value of no less than 35%, formaldehyde and pH value to textiles fundamental request type B type safety skills, standards come into force from the date of release. This is China's first national standard for small - and medium-sized students' Hoodiess. In the survey of several campuses, from the perspective of students and parents, they were more willing to choose a cotton, robust Hoodies, and a higher request for safety and comfort, followed by style and color.

The formaldehyde content request is stricter

According to fiber inspection bureau staff, the new standard rules of small and medium-sized campus take goods fabirc and filler of formaldehyde, pH value, can decompose carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes such as security goals to perform mandatory national standards GB/T18401 code for the national textile commodity fundamental safety skills class B request direct touch to touch the skin, and most had the fall and winter cap unlined upper garment of perform straight touch touch skin C request. The standard greatly improves the safety quality of Hoodies requests, and no longer distinguish between goods in accordance with the tradition of Hoodiess, only to establish a barriers to entry, break the woven Hoodies, knitted cap unlined upper garment industrial boundary.