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The Four Factors That Affect The Price Of School Uniform

Jun 16, 2017

The four factors that affect the price of School Uniform

Enterprises in the choice of custom School Uniform, the first will consider the price of School Uniform, especially quality and cheap school uniform manufacturers vulnerable to customers of all ages. So what are the factors that affect the price of School Uniform? Hefei uniforms custom manufacturers to tell you.

First, the cost of fabric, accessories: School Uniform fabric quality is the biggest impact on the School Uniform factors, aside aside, the cost of fabric can really reflect the true value of School Uniform. As for the accessories and fabric prices are similar, from the price you can see the quality of the finished School Uniform finished good or bad.

Second, the production process: the production process on the proportion of the price of uniforms is very large, a set of pure hand-made suits expensive, even if the price is not cheap hand suits are not cheap, people buy these more expensive clothing on the performance A pursuit of the taste of life.

Third, the quality requirements: the more stringent quality requirements, the more will reduce the production speed, especially in a few very labor manual labor is particularly evident, such as hand-sewn head, beads edge, hand-pin buttons and so on. Production speed is slow, the corresponding increase in the cost of uniforms.

Fourth, the production costs, staff salaries, plant rents, equipment costs, the mainland staff wages are cheap, the plant rent is cheap, rather than the introduction of advanced equipment, the cost of production costs will be relatively low, integrated into the suit price, There will be a big gap.

After all, is a penny of goods, so we do not greedy small cheap, but can not buy poor quality uniforms, and now many people are pursuing cost-effective uniforms. Minhua clothing professional custom uniforms. Custom uniforms, trust Minhua clothing.