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The First Rays Of Romance

Mar 28, 2017

Spring and summer, when fancy t-shirts on the street like clouds drifting away, who can think of t originally was to do heavy physical work to the workers wear underwear. In General, men's t-shirt is a bit like a women's Bra, not easily exposed, only when linking with sleeveless overalls when wearing, revealed its true face, in the early 20th century, clothing catalogue t only as to sell underwear. By 1930, although the image as underwear is not much of a change, but obviously people have begun trying to make shirts to wear on the outside, this is what people hear "sailors shirt" sailors wearing t-shirts long voyage at sea, azure seas and clear skies as it put on the first hint of romantic color.

Idol of chance

When the slightest little no-neck short sleeves sweater, with big star Marlon Brando to the screen one day outing, excited fans felt surprised on December 3, 1951, the desire streetcar opened in New York. Attracts people not only is Marlon Brando that slightly rough man laughed and bad eyes, and the plain white t-shirt, the drama Director ailieĀ·kacien was previously unfathomed mystery and said, not without pride, Brando t-shirt image was fully designed in advance, is derived from an accident. Because Brando accidentally wore it to a rehearsal .