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The Development Trend Of Hoodies Today

Aug 11, 2017

The development trend of Hoodies today
Hooded originated in Europe. School in order to standardize management, uniform dress. Generally in the school's major activities will require students to dress uniform, the general school hood has the school badge, but also a direct impact on the school image. In the daily life of the school, wearing a hoodie to show students full of energy, the vitality of the side, but also students of the youth of the exclusive logo. At the same time, the Hoodies can make the students in the sense of identity on the other social differences, and thus have their own binding, there is a symbol of the meaning, but also can produce a sense of equality, to avoid the wind on the campus there are Positive meaning.
Twenty-first century. Facing this increasingly beautiful world, we have reason to expect a honeymoon hooded era. The implementation of the hood system has played a pivotal role in quality education. Therefore, it is imperative to develop our hooded culture.
Some of the public primary schools, junior high schools and high school students in mainland China must wear Hoodies every day. The school thinks that this is conducive to enhancing the students' sense of belonging. Many schools require students to purchase Hoodies, Shirt style, and some students are often dressed in non-fit Hoodies, the school for the sake of trouble, and not in the hoodie style design to spend what mind, often ordered some low-cost cheap sportswear alternative Hoodies trouble , So that students have a sense of resistance to the Hoodies.
With the increasing demands on fashion and beauty, some big cities and private colleges have begun to imitate the style of the hoodie. Primary school children's suits, boys small shorts, girls under the knee skirt. See "Yangtze River VII". Middle school Hoodies are generally student suits, with sweaters, small waistcoat. General sweater and jacket on the school badge and ordinary clothes to distinguish. See "Harry Potter" girls are tricks, there are imitation of small Japanese Hoodies lower body skirt, there are European and American College wind lattice skirt, as well as European and American retro uniform style double-breasted skirt. Tops are generally similar to boys.
Children live lively, in the kindergarten slapstick play, completely ignored the body of the hood has been full of dust, or accidentally stained with oil and the like is not easy to wash off, hooded on the wash can not afford a small stain, Children are not willing to go to school, which can give a lot of parents brought a lot of trouble.
Grease: We can use the residual tea leaves to remove the dark hoods of the oil traces. We can also use a little toothpaste and detergent mixed with the Hoodies on the oil.
Mildew: sometimes Hoodies will appear mildew, we can use a small amount of green bean sprouts at the mold point rub, and then rinse with water, mold point can be cleared.
Chewing gum: Hoodies do not care sticky chewing gum, and into the refrigerator and so hard and brittle, and then scraped it.
Yellow traces: white hooded for a long time will turn yellow, the white hoodie soaked in the rinse, it will be white as new!
Rust stains: 1. 15% acetic acid wipe stains, but also can be part of the stain soaked in the acetic acid solution, Hoodies the next day and then rinse with water.
2. With 10% citric acid liquid or 10% oxalic acid liquid will be stained wetting, Hoodies and then into the concentrated salt water, wash the next day drift net.
3. White cotton and cotton mixed with the fabric stained with rust, take a small amount of oxalic acid on the stains, dripping some warm water, gently rub, immediately rinse clean water.
4. If fresh lemon, you can squeeze the juice drops on the rust stains by hand rub, repeated several times until the rust stains removed, the last soap and water washed. Or the first rusty place with boiling water soaked, Hoodies coated with sour milk, and then the normal washing schedule week
Blood stains: just stained with blood can be soaked with cold water for a few minutes, and then washed with soap or alcohol. If the traces of lemon juice can be used to get rid of salt water can also be wiped with white radish, but should not wash with hot water. You can also use the water to wash the blood to light brown, and then wash with glycerin soap, and finally rinse in warm water.