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The Basic Needs Of Middle School Students On Pullover Hoodies

Sep 04, 2017

The basic needs of middle school students on Pullover Hoodies
The survey shows that 67% of students who do not like their own Pullover Hoodies are 78% of the students who are dissatisfied with their own pullovers and 78% of the students are dissatisfied with the style of the Pullover Hoodies.
Asked the students "most concerned about pullover hoodie which side", the students on the pullover hoodie style of concern is far higher than other aspects, accounting for 56%.
Students are interested in the style of the Pullover Hoodies, of which 42% of the students like the relaxed and natural casual Pullover Hoodies, compared to the strict formal uniform pullover hoodie is not very popular, love Accounting for 20% less than the number of sports hoodies like hoodies.
Boys and girls like the style of the pullover hoodie is also slightly different, boys prefer sports nipple hoodie, and girls prefer casual suitcase hoodie.
In the "favorite pullover hoodie structure" option, like "comfortable fit type" students accounted for 53%, like "loose structure" students also accounted for 42%, and like "tight structure" of only 5% , Which is consistent with the fact that most students do not like the regular pullover hoodie.
The number of students who liked the blue pullover hoodie was 37%, followed by black 19%, and the third was white 14 %, The fourth is red 11%, the most popular color is yellow by the students only 4%.
A survey of tie hooded hoodies shows that 47% of students are concerned about the blouse of the blouse's hoodie fabric, which is in high school students, usually with a large amount of activity, a quick metabolism, pullover hoodie Whether there is a good ventilation on their daily life a great impact; and the second is that the appearance of the fabric requirements.
The demand for Pullover Hoodies and purchase
Survey shows that 23% of students can accept Pullover Hoodies prices below 100 yuan, acceptable price of 100 yuan -200 yuan for 38%, 201 yuan -300 yuan for 25%, 301 yuan -400 yuan There are only 8%, and willing to accept the price of more than 400 yuan only 6%, with reference to the previous survey of the pullover hoody actual price, the current school provided Pullover Hoodies price is clearly more than the acceptable range of students.
 Pullover hoodie as a standard clothing, in the pullover hood design, pullover hooded processing often become children do not love to wear, parents often complain about clothing. In the garment production industry, clothing as a set design, processing, production in one of the professional uniform processing design company, mainly engaged in pullover hooded processing, suit custom, uniforms, protective clothing and other services, won the majority of garment processing customers praise The
Primary and secondary school students pullover hooded large market demand makes pullover hooded hats business development is getting better and better, handsome style, generous style Pullover Hoodies are often popular with students like. Therefore, in the pullover hooded processing focus on summer, winter, spring and autumn distinction, and safety performance, the appearance of the model is very important.
Professional for enterprises and institutions, schools to provide uniform processing, pullover hooded processing services to high-quality clothing production technology and warm service, welcomed the needs of garment processing customers to inquire.
Mainland China's primary school, junior high school, high school are basically sportswear for the pullover hoodie, color often blue, black and red mostly, with a small part of white or yellow. Pullover Hoodies made summer Pullover Hoodies are usually short-sleeved shirts, some school girls summer Pullover Hoodies are skirts. The majority of men and women for the unified pants. Many secondary schools have to stipulate that you must wear a pullover hoodie every day, primary school does not do this request, some down the school as a week when the national flag must wear a pullover hoodie, young pioneers must wear red scarf. For some winter Pullover Hoodies relatively thin school, can be in the blouse hooded sweater and other warm clothing. Some schools also have spring and autumn Pullover Hoodies, the thickness between the summer pullover hoodie and sd_vhwj winter Pullover Hoodies, to increase the choice of students. For different season Pullover Hoodies, in addition to specific occasions, the school generally allow students to freely match. This is not only conducive to enhance the sense of belonging to students, to strengthen the collective sense of honor students, more importantly, you can eliminate the phenomenon of comparisons between students, reduce the economic burden of students.
In addition to some special schools (such as police schools, military schools, tourism schools ...), the majority do not require students to wear a pullover hoodie. When talking about China's Pullover Hoodies, most people's minds should appear red, white, blue and white sportswear. These Pullover Hoodies are the most common styles in China, and play an important role in the development of China's Pullover Hoodies.