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The Advantages Of Unified Uniforms

Jun 02, 2017

School uniforms uniform school uniforms, for the school, is conducive to cultivating team spirit, enhance the overall image of the school, enhance the collective sense of honor; for students, is conducive to eliminating the students speak wear, comparisons of the atmosphere, Will be more energy for learning; for parents, save the trouble for children to choose casual.

  School Uniform According to the survey response "students are beginning to interest in dress, dress up, the school is now no provision for the hair, there have been many strange hairstyle, if not uniform uniforms, the classroom colorful, simply can not focus. Teaching is a kind of interference, there is no small impact on student learning. "The survey that uniform clothing, clean and neat, is conducive to enhancing the teaching discipline, but also conducive to students rational thinking.

  The interviewer gave an example: "Go to a school to open a teaching and research conference, the students neatly wearing school uniforms, compared with plain clothes, the spirit is not the same. To attend classes, students uniform uniforms, the atmosphere is very good.

  Investigating parents believe that students wear uniforms, is always reminded students status, always pay attention to behavior, in the campus to strengthen self-discipline, the campus should be self-discipline.

  School Uniform Primary and secondary schools to students to buy the right school uniforms, school uniforms recommended you recommend the best look at the following points:

  1. School uniform size is used to indicate the height of the corresponding, such as primary school: 115 ---- 185 secondary school: 140 ---- 210 every 5CM a code. Buy school uniforms, as long as the purchase and their height corresponding to the number of yards on it. The body is more obese students, should buy a special code, the specific can browse the "student service" in the description.

  2. especially obese students can consider the purchase of the same style [special code] uniforms, special body of the students can go to [Bu Bu children's clothing store] tailor-made, do not have to do so to do the cost;

  3. Pure cotton knitwear uniforms, washing after the normal shrinkage of ≥ 6%; polyester-cotton, polyester and viscose products Chunqiu uniforms, washing after the normal shrinkage of ≥ 2.5%

  4. Clothing national standard deviation of the national standard ≥ 3%, if you buy two sets of the same uniforms, the size of a little deviation, is a normal phenomenon, please rest assured that use.