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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Common Zipper-up Hoodies Fabrics And Their Characteristics

Aug 02, 2017

The advantages and disadvantages of the common Zipper-up Hoodies fabrics and their characteristics

We have many years experience of customized production Zipper-up Hoodies, customized Zipper-up Hoodies generally can be divided into common fabrics (synthetic fiber fabric, warp knitted fabrics, including cotton fabric) the following three categories, the Zipper-up Hoodies fabric for environmental protection, non-toxic, wearing comfortable, and is widely liked by the students.

The first category is the synthetic fiber fabric fiber fabric is in fashion fabrics for years, because of its unique style, color variety, washable quick-drying, easy care, such as strength, widely used in the industries of Zipper-up Hoodies customization, silk products are artificial, tower, er, washer velvet, etc.

The second category of warp knitted fabric is warp knitted fabrics in our Shanghai Zipper-up Hoodies custom-built factory is application of a wide range of fabrics, due to the elastic fabric, comfortable and smooth of the warp knitting fabric, retractile and wearing form-fitting, is quite popular among the students. The products are made of gold, velvet, polyester and cotton.

The third class is including cotton cotton fabric with soft, absorbent strong, breed of design and color is much, is suitable for the movement types of Zipper-up Hoodies, kam cotton cloth, twill, CVC, etc.

If you need to customize the Zipper-up Hoodies, you can choose the fabric to customize the Zipper-up Hoodiess according to the characteristics of the above three fabrics. I hope it will help you. If there is any problem, please contact us if you need to order a Zipper-up Hoodies.

Zipper-up Hoodies fabrics should have the following characteristics:

1. Moisturizing

2. Hygiene: Zipper-up Hoodies fabrics have no irritation to skin contact, no discomfort, no harm to the human body, good health and good health.

3. Heat resistance: washing printing and dyeing have no effect on the fabric, thus improving the wearability of cotton fabrics.

4, hygroscopicity, Zipper-up Hoodies fabric should have good moisture absorption, in normal circumstances, around the fiber to absorb the moisture in the atmosphere, the moisture content of 8-10%, so the fabric students take contact with a person's skin, make the person feels soft and not stiff. If the moisture of cotton cloth is increased, the surrounding temperature is high, the water component of the fiber will evaporate completely, so that the fabric can keep the water balance, making people feel comfortable.

For Zipper-up Hoodies elements can be launched campus culture brand, assistant principal Liu Yujie teacher said: "a set of very successful in design, function of Zipper-up Hoodies, is a sign of a successful school." School teachers to exchange visits of primary and secondary schools, such as Britain and the United States is impressed, in a foreign country, those who have a history of qualified, some primary and secondary schools have represent their school Zipper-up Hoodies, used on collective appearance in the graduation season. "For the school authorities, the Zipper-up Hoodiess do play an important role in management, and the style of the children's clothing needs to be guided by health. The Zipper-up Hoodies's appearance is also a reflection of the mainstream culture of the school.

The school, in the "Zipper-up Hoodies", gives students and parents greater choice. Like a summer Zipper-up Hoodies, the style is a regular sports T-shirt, but the colors include red, orange, yellow, green, black, white, blue, and so on, as well as the school LOGO. Students are allowed to choose one set of their favorite sets or a series of summer Zipper-up Hoodiess.