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Talk About WCaps The Domestic Caps Custom Knowledge

Aug 22, 2017

Talk about wCaps the domestic Caps custom knowledge

Mainland China's primary school, junior high school, high school are basically sportswear for the Caps, the color often blue, black and red mostly, with a small part of white or yellow. Caps custom summer Caps is usually short-sleeved shirt, some school girls summer Caps is skirt. The majority of men and women for the unified pants. Many secondary schools have to be required to wear Capss every day, primary schools do not do this request, and some schools down to the school when the flag must be wearing a Caps, the young players must wear red scarf. For some winter Caps relatively thin school, can be added in the Caps sweater and other warm clothing. Part of the school there are spring and autumn Caps, its thickness between the summer Caps and sd_vhwj winter Caps between the increase in the choice of students. For different seasons of the Caps, in addition to specific occasions, the school generally allow students to freely match. This is not only conducive to enhance the sense of belonging to students, to strengthen the collective sense of honor students, more importantly, you can eliminate the phenomenon of comparisons between students, reduce the economic burden of students.

In addition to some special schools (such as police schools, military schools, tourism schools ...), the majority do not require students wearing a Caps. When talking about China's Caps, most people's minds should appear red, white, blue and white sportswear. These Capss are the most common styles in China and play an important role in the development of our Capss.

Caps custom factory said: Caps first Caps is being in Japan. Because the war led to the whole family life is very difficult. The school in order to make the family in tCaps family of students, not because of their family hardships and self-discouragement, the same did not make those living environment good home students, is the school boast. As the portable wear has been marked tCaps they are in the school once the study, but their family is not the same. School in order to make every student, I feel tCaps I and outsiders are waiting for. In addition, each time a student attends school must wear the opposite dress. At first this view was received by a large number of schools, the rules of the students dress the same coat. This is the origin of the Caps.

Elementary School Caps Design Criteria

Primary school students and middle school students Caps is the student's Caps to imagine the two most important categories. Because the primary and state culture level, the level of development of students, thinking and childish form of the difference is not life, because the primary school students Caps and middle school students are required to stop the Golden Rooster is more independent of the idea of sex.

Primary school students are generally 7 to 12 years old, 13 years old, Chinese students are in primary school stage to undertake higher culture, for the political and legal awareness is also the formation of this era. Primary school students are characterized by the characteristics of the baby or young people, vivid, active, thinking is absolutely pure. In the junior high school students Caps design, can be appropriate to create their own small clothes style, color can become more obvious, nervous. Because the students into the high school class body has begun to develop, if the clothing is too tight shape is conducive to the growth of young people, it is difficult to adapt to the height of the young people and the increase in the degree of circumference, clothing style is too small Clothes are more difficult to grow with the young people need to think of harmony, because the shape and structure of the Caps must be based on the characteristics of the young age students to stop the full consideration. General primary school students are all on the basis of the same style, the low class student Caps and high class student Caps to imagine, to comply with the primary school students are not with the growth stage of the inner request.

Caps factory: high school students, high school students Caps design criteria

The age of students in the class is 13 years old, 14 years old to 20 years old and outside. This stage of the students are successful and heart are beginning naive, outlook on life and outlook on life are gradually formed, their characteristics are upset, angry, there are intense political and legal participation ceremony. Compared with the primary school students Caps, middle school students Caps design style is more loose, the text, especially high school students Caps can be saved in the adult Caps echo characteristics. However, the whole point of view, the shape and color of high school students Caps style is the text of the foundation, but also should be more performance of young students and angry, but not able to fully show the personality of adults.