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T-shirt (clothing)

Mar 28, 2017

T-shirt is one of the favorite dress in spring and summer, especially in the hot, sweltering summer, t-shirt, with its natural, comfortable, cool without losing the advantages of solemn sense of replacing the old men wear a vest or sweater and a short sleeve shirt or Aloha shirt pattern emerges in social situations, people dressed in seasonal clothing. Has now become the world's men and women love wearing stylish clothes. Is said to have amounted to billions of worldwide annual turnover, with jeans form the largest number of the world's most popular, dressed in costume.

T-shirts, also known as t-shirt. Was originally underwear, is actually half open collar lapel shirt, later developed into

Coats, including two series t-shirts and t-shirts. On the t-shirt, the origins of the name have different opinions, one theory is that in 17th century in Annapolis, Maryland of the United States dumping tea in the dockers

Are wear this short sleeve clothing, people put "Tea" (tea) abbreviations for "t", will this shirt called T-Shirt that t-shirts; second species claims is in 17th century Shi, British sailor ordered in vest Shang plus short sleeve to covered armpit hair, avoid hinder unsightly; also has a claims is by sleeve and upper body constitute "t" glyphs, that its clothing for t shaped suture led, therefore and named.