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Student Hoodies Processing Matters Needing Attention

Aug 22, 2017

Student Hoodies processing matters needing attention

How to make hampers like to wear

Hoodies as a standard clothing, Hoodies in the design, Hoodies processing often become children do not love to wear, parents often complain about clothing. In the garment production industry, clothing as a set design, processing, production in one of the professional uniform processing design company, mainly engaged in hood processing, suit custom, uniforms, protective clothing and other services, won the majority of garment processing customers praise.

The huge market demand for primary and secondary school hats makes the development of Hoodies processing enterprises better and better, beautiful style, generous Hoodies are often popular with students like. Therefore, in the hooded processing focus on summer, winter, spring and autumn distinction, and safety performance, the appearance of the model is very important.

Professional enterprises and institutions, schools to provide uniform processing, Hoodie processing services to high-quality clothing production technology and warm service, welcomed the needs of garment processing customers to inquire.

The survey shows that 67% of students who do not like their Hoodies, and 78% of students who are dissatisfied with their Hoodies are dissatisfied with the style of the Hoodies.

Asked the students "most concerned about the hoodie which side", the students on the hoodie style of concern is far higher than other aspects, accounting for 56%.

Students are interested in the type of Hoodies, of which 42% of the students like the natural casual clothes Hoodies, compared to strict formal uniform Hoodies are not very popular, loved ones accounted for 20% less than like sports The number of Hoodies.

Boys and girls like the type of Hoodies are slightly different, boys prefer sports Hoodies, while girls prefer casual wear Hoodies.

In the "favorite hood structure" option, like "comfortable fit type" students accounted for 53%, like "loose structure" students also accounted for 42%, and like "tight structure" of only 5% Most of the students in front do not like the results of the regular hood is consistent.

The number of students who prefer the blue Hoodies is 37%, followed by black 19%, the third is white 14%, the fourth is Red 11%, the most popular color of the students is yellow only 4%.

A survey of the Hoodies fabric shows that 47% of the students are interested in the breathability of the hoodie fabric, these students in the middle school stage, usually a large amount of activity, metabolism, hoodie fabric is good ventilation on their weekdays Life is great; and the second is that the appearance of the fabric requirements.

The price of Hoodies and purchase requirements

Survey shows that 23% of the students can accept the price of Hoodies in 100 yuan, acceptable price of 100 yuan -200 yuan for 38%, 201 yuan -300 yuan for 25%, 301 yuan -400 yuan 8% , And willing to accept the price of more than 400 yuan in only 6%, with reference to the previous survey of the actual price of the Hoodies, the current school Hoodies provided by the price is clearly more than the acceptable range of students.

In the future, after the implementation of uniform procurement of primary and secondary school Hoodies, Hoodies prices will be determined by the government departments to a ceiling price. Students buy Hoodies the actual price must be less than or equal to the maximum price, the school and the enterprise can be ordered according to the number of Hoodies and other actual bargaining, students buy two sets of Hoodies about the price of about 200 yuan, Lanzhou Hoodies supply Will bid farewell to the price opaque status quo. The fees charged by the school for the customization of the pajamas are due to the fees charged by the purchase contract. The fees and charges of the fees and charges stipulated in the purchase contract are written in strict accordance with the consent of the parents of the students. In the publicity column of the school education, Can not be collected without publicity; strict student Hoodies control the number of orders per student, the special difficulties of students in the family hat problem with the successful enterprises in consultation with the implementation of relief for the poor students. If the self-advocacy does not choose the successful enterprise hoodie products, continue to cooperate with the successful enterprises, the education supervision department will hold the school responsibility, and according to irregular fees.