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School Uniform Into The Other Details Of The Design

Jul 01, 2017

School Uniform into the other details of the design
With the growing development of China's school uniform industry market, Shanghai International School Uniform and garden show scale and platform are becoming more mature, many garment enterprises have begun to gradually transition, School Uniform gradually into the school uniform industry.
As a successful four-year professional school uniform industry platform, I believe that the Shanghai International School Uniform and garden exhibition has been gradually formed as an influential professional School Uniform, uniform exhibition, not only the strong integration of the domestic School Uniform industry market , And open up new directions for development, a strong lead to the Chinese School Uniform and international market convergence, to promote the School Uniform to join hands with the development of enterprises, can be said that China's school uniform industry influential professional exhibition.
Casual wear "and" children's clothing for the leading products of the garment enterprises. The company firmly occupy the domestic casual wear and children's clothing market sales top.
Advocate "different childhood" brand advocates, I hope the child's growth can be "free, free." Through the fun, joy, colorful products and full of surprises brand experience, leaving the consumer more imagination, stimulate, release the children's exploration, curious nature.
School Uniform to ensure that students wear health and action safety as the guide, to explore the school cultural characteristics, heritage school culture, custom exclusive design, all for students to create a different campus life.
Service custom business for different campus culture into the details of the design, in the rigorous dress, embedded fashion elements, the international forefront of fashion inspiration and elements translated to the school, parents, students tripartite, and is committed to discover the Chinese characteristics of fashion elements, Provide a variety of style choices and modern modeling, so that children can easily achieve the expression of personality.
The charm of School Uniform, first of all, is that the whole school students unify a certain style, type, temperament dress, the expression of harmony, and beauty, and rhyme, whether it is classroom or sports field or social practice process, School Uniform, Courtesy, is a kind of full of team style and the campus of the spring of fine, gas, God is reflected in a kind of no one, save me, into the whole into the collective, dare to play, dedication of collectivism spirit.
Every man on a school uniform has a tacit understanding of the soul, whether it is in the cafeteria, on the playground or in the street or in the fields, perhaps everyone comes from their peasants, businesses, civil servants, but dressed in the same style Clothing, suggesting that every student, as a brother, Sister, Shidi, Shimei, class, at the same table of the age of friendship, ten years, twenty years, three decades later, when we wear suits and ties, cheongsam dress skirt Fellowship of the scene, the minds of the past memories of the campus, who are not around the school uniform in the memory of the heart.
School uniform, at that time because of the war led to some family life difficult, the school is to make the students born in this family will not because of their own family difficulties and inferiority, show off, so that each student must wear the same clothes when they go to school. Later, this concept was accepted by most schools, have provided students wearing the same clothes to school.
Students uniform uniform school uniform, is conducive to cultivating the team spirit of students, strengthen the overall image of the school, enhance the sense of collective honor. The implementation of School Uniform plays an important role in quality education. School Uniform can make students distinguish between other people in the sense of identity, and thus have their own binding force, there is a symbolic meaning. School Uniform can also produce a sense of equality, to avoid the comparisons of the wind appeared in the campus have a positive meaning. School Uniform to a certain extent, reduce the parents of clothing investment. In addition, the school uniform also has many major shortcomings, such as not conducive to the cultivation of students' personality and innovative spirit, uniform quality of School Uniform, easy to fade moldy, size is not suitable for all, inconvenient complement and so on.