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Pupils Zipper-up Hoodies On Those Unknown Bacteria

Sep 22, 2017

Pupils Zipper-up Hoodies on those unknown bacteria
     The parents of the system is generally low, so the parents are more important for the pupils of the body, afraid of what bacteria and other diseases caused by, but do not know the students actually wearing Zipper-up Hoodies also have a very large cause of primary school students sick bacteria , The specific can understand the following:
    Primary school student Zipper-up Hoodies contains bacteria killer
    The results of the survey on the surface contamination of primary school students 'daily clothing surface and hand showed that the degree of bacterial contamination of pupils' daily clothing was not only higher than that of primary school students, but also higher than that of the side of the toilet bowl, the cash machine Keyboard surface. Can not touch the countless bacteria, in the appropriate nutrition, pH and temperature supply, are in our clothing at an unexpected rate of growth and reproduction.
    The new semester comes, children in school after school play, collective activities or sports easier to make clothing from the outside contamination of stains and bacteria; there is every day by bus, subway such vehicles, clothing will be from the armrest and the seat The chair is contaminated with a lot of bacteria. Because the parents of children's daily clothing such as Zipper-up Hoodies lack of knowledge of bacteria, it is easy to make daily clothing become an important carrier of bacterial breeding and spread.
  Since there are so many students on the Zipper-up Hoodies, how should we solve the child's health to the greatest extent possible? And here to give you three ways to solve the Zipper-up Hoodies bacteria, to protect the child's health:
    The three major encourage you to get rid of the bacteria on the Zipper-up Hoodies
    In the new school year, in the season when the bacteria wantonly scurrying, mothers should re-examine the child's Zipper-up Hoodies health problems, choose a suitable for daily use of sterilization washing products such as Tide full-effect sterilization series to provide children with " New "clean, and take a scientific laundry 3 steps for children to build a more comprehensive health protection, easy to win Zipper-up Hoodies sterilization" Wei "war!
    Pupil Zipper-up Hoodies
    Professor Du Yuanzhi, a microbiologist at Peking Union Medical University, said that the more activities they wear when wearing a piece of clothing, the longer the time to wear, and the bacteria will multiply. According to a survey of student Zipper-up Hoodies, the amount of bacteria on the Zipper-up Hoodies, which had not been washed for two days, was four times more than the daily pickle of Zipper-up Hoodies, although the naked eye was about the same. Dirty clothes may spread Staphylococcus aureus, mold, spores and other harmful ingredients, may threaten people's body, diligently wash clothes, can effectively reduce the clothing on the bacteria.
Pupil Zipper-up Hoodies choose the appropriate sterilization supplies
    Is it possible to rely on the laundry solution? It depends on what effect is the laundry solution. A lot of sterilization products, there are disinfectants, there are washing liquid. Sterilization is almost the same, but the temperature is very different. Disinfectant generally strong irritation, more injury clothing fiber, easy to fade. The market has a special clothing for sterilization products, Tide all-effects sterilization series exclusive contain Shufu Jia sterilization formula, can effectively go to the clothing on the five common bacteria. And the exclusive contains Shufu Jia sterilization formula, this recipe from Shu Shuijia hand soap, so the texture is very mild, can effectively maintain the soft clothing fibers, and can effectively prevent the clothes fade. Even hand washing clothes will not cause any burden on both hands, effectively protect the mother's delicate hands. Suitable for daily use.
Primary school student Zipper-up Hoodies fully dry
    Wash the clothes as far as possible in the ventilation and dry sunny place to dry, to avoid the humid air so that bacteria re-breeding.
    The pupil system is so poor, and the pupil Zipper-up Hoodies has so many bacteria that threaten the students, so we need to minimize the bacteria of the pupil Zipper-up Hoodies, try to avoid the case of bacterial infection as a result of the disease Multi-wash is necessary.