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Mar 28, 2017

Cotton + polyester, polyester and cotton blended fabric collectively. Blend and interweave two classification practices in General. Advantages of good wrinkle resistance, not easily deformed; weakness is raising, plus two dyed fabric feels more rigid. Soft and thick, cleaning difficult to deformation, but comfort and pure cotton is a bit poor. T-shirt 65% cotton fabric can be, 35% cotton is very bad, very comfortable to wear, and very prone to pilling.

100% cotton

This is the t-shirt fabric is more commonly used, very clean, although unlike other high-grade shirt fabric, through special craft processing, 100% cotton, remains a superior cotton the natural characteristics, good skin, good air permeability and moisture resistance. If the budget is not much, and want to wear comfortable, this is a good choice. Of course, some special techniques, such as hair removal, softening 100% cotton, are fine.

Cotton + Lycra (spandex quality), also known as cotton-Lycra

With drapability and crease recovery ability, this is the weaving process is completed into spandex elastic cotton fabric. Feel good, close, figure, there is flexibility, particularly suitable for close-fitting clothes. Started in men's t-shirts have used for nearly two years. When making a shirt fabric, with spandex fabric can only be done for light alkali mercerizing process at low temperature. This kind of fabric more adapted to the personal styles of t-shirts, skinny less. Pay particular attention to is that the fabrics shrink-proof treatment.