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Mercerized Cotton

Mar 28, 2017

High made of worsted Knitting yarn, Mercerized cotton fabrics with cotton as raw material. Via special processes such as Singeing, mercerizing, made of bright, soft, wrinkle-resistant high quality Mercerized yarns. Using this raw material made of high quality t shirt fabric, full saved not only the excellent natural characteristics of raw cotton, and has a silky Sheen, soft fabric, moisture, elasticity and good vertical sense, coupled with rich color, comfortable and casual clothes, fully reflects the temperament and taste. Fine Mercerized cotton and Mercerized cotton fabric, in different garment for workmanship and printing, embroidery and recommended focusing on high-end t shirt manufacturers, they are more experienced.

Double-Mercerized cotton

After Singeing, mercerizing silk yarns as raw materials, cotton Double Mercerized fabrics are "double burn double-wire" cotton products. Reference CAD computer auxiliary design system and CAM computer auxiliary production system, fast to weaving out design of spent type t-fabric, on fabric for again burn hair, and Mercerized Hou, for series finishing Hou, production out this high-end t-fabric, its oil on canvas lines clear, spent type novel, gloss bright, feel smooth, than Mercerized cotton more wins a raised, but due to to for two times Mercerized finishing, price slightly your.