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Lodging Winter School Uniform Old Do Not How To Do

Sep 22, 2017

Lodging winter School Uniform old do not how to do
In the winter, the most troublesome for the students is the School Uniform quit, the original students will not bring too much clothes to wash clothes to school, then when the winter School Uniform when we should do? Next to share with you under the School Uniform difficult solution:
  1, buy a few sets of spare, no way, every day to wear clothes, put a big point is OK, anyway, Buzhi Yu idle.
    2, will be anxious to wear clothes on the ventilation position as much as possible spread out, the physical teacher told us that the vaporization of liquid by the ventilation and area of the impact
    3, thick school clothes pants most difficult, but the appearance rate is high, still can not wash. So, when drying clothes plus a hanger, the pants four sides distraction, but also let it speed up the dry.
4, prepare a large absorbent towel, School Uniform washed well, with a towel straight shop in the uniforms on the volume of twisting more than a few times, the uniforms on the water squeezed into the towel up, naturally also dry fast.
    5, hair dryer is a good thing, emergency is absolutely easy to use. Dry clothes with hair dryer although the trouble point, nuisance point, but quick.
    6, it is too late, which wear a number of waterproof nature of the clothes, their own as a mobile racks better
    Above is difficult for the School Uniform of several conventional solutions, but also more practical, difficult for students to School Uniform problems, which has been resolved for everyone, I believe we all help
  Japanese girls School Uniform we all know what it is like, we can use a word to summarize - short, but the Japanese girls School Uniform why so short? This is a problem, in the end what is the reason for the Japanese girls School Uniform become so short? Then the next together to understand the next question:
  Japanese girls high school students wearing short skirts, and some even deliberately to the original School Uniform skirt in the waist rolled up short. Japan Niigata Prefecture high school to prevent school calamity has posted such a poster "as long as there is determination, the results change is good, skirt can be variable long."
    The school posted three posters and sent all the high schools in Niigata Prefecture. Each high school also posted posters and seek parental cooperation, hoping to improve the skirt too short status quo. Skirt too short has become a social problem in Japan. It is learned that the school has been trying to improve, but no effect.
    But the girls are cold response to this, that "this is meaningless."
    The nostalgia of the nineties of last century became a symbol of Japanese high school students, regardless of spring and summer autumn and winter, wearing high skirts of high school girls are Japanese street a beautiful landscape. Many people are asking the winter in Japan, especially in the Hokkaido area is absolutely low, they wear uniforms skirt, are not afraid of cold?
    Of course cold Some time ago Japanese boys and girls exchange uniforms when the boys had said that feeling cold knee, girls are not easy. But it is not surprising, because the Japanese School Uniform from kindergarten to work, women are mostly skirts uniforms. This is related to the Japanese cultural tradition, which means that the cold child is not strong, is weak can not help the performance of the wind.
    Have seen an article about the Japanese Ministry of Education decided to let girls wear short skirts when it was suggested that the child is not very cold winter, School Uniform will be sick. Then the answer is of course cold, it is because they will exercise their cold, running will make them warm, so that they can be strong body up. The Japanese are through the way of environmental oppression to improve the physical quality of the people, hone their will.
    And from the results it seems that the effect is very good. According to the data survey, the Japanese teenager's physical quality and other aspects are higher than China, School Uniform and we walk in the streets of Japan rarely see adolescent obesity problems, which also benefit from this.
    But since ancient times people have the beauty of the heart, School Uniform the girls under the skirt of the scenery also attracted a lot of men's fantasy. And people always have vanity, when the girls who found the skirt cut short after they can attract more people's eyes, their skirts began to continue to shorten.