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How To Play With A Caps

Oct 12, 2017

Dressing is often a big challenge for people. How to match with the bloated, handsome and stylish it? This time the Caps rose to the protagonist position, and it is practical and good ride, so simple Hold handsome and elegant makeup yo. Let's take a look at the Caps with us!
1, straw Caps
Retro style straw Caps under the same retro, look beautiful little gentle feminine, wear out your Style.
2, empty top Caps
Simple and stylish breathable fresh, welcomed by the majority of enthusiasts, especially lovers, even better.
3, stereotypes Caps
Handsome stereotypes Caps with gold brown long straight hair, full of French elegant style, dark brown under the thick eyebrows, blue pupil as clear as the lake, surrounded by eye-catching eyeliner to eyes more God, paste warm end of the makeup White and delicate.
4, lamp Caps
Multi-function, super bright LED lights, with dual switch settings. Suitable for the night out of the crowd.
In addition to industrial and construction wearing helmets, the daily wear are the most decorative Caps, style and materials are all kinds of clothing in the play very sister who may try to match the Caps, you can let The whole person piercing another kind of style, change your overall feeling Oh.
Everyday Caps has shade, decoration, warming and protection and so on, as in the summer and winter is particularly important. WCaps is the difference between polyester and cotton and cotton? For everyone simply said:
Cotton Caps is cotton, feel very good, comfortable to wear. Cotton Caps sweat is better, because cotton has a good hygroscopicity. Under normal circumstances, cotton can absorb moisture to the surrounding atmosphere, its moisture content is about 8-10%, so be able to more close contact with the human scalp, people feel comfortable and soft, not very stiff.
Polyester is a mixture of polyester and cotton. Because it is artificial mixed cotton, there are many advantages, such as fast dry iron, light and so on. But compared with cotton, today Xiaobian only said tCaps the gap in the use of the Caps, polyester and cotton may be better in other uses than cotton. But in the Caps, it and cotton compared to the biggest disadvantage is tCaps it is not easy to perspiration, feels like a thorny thorn, it is easy to static. And our head and its easy to sweat, but also sweat relatively large parts of the site, so if the fabric is not easy to sweat perspiration is used when the Caps is unfavorable, especially the outdoor sports Caps type.
As the Caps style, a variety of colors, the production of Caps materials and decorative techniques are different, resulting in a variety of different styles of Caps. WCaps kind of clothing to choose wCaps kind of Caps match is tCaps we dress to consider the problem, the Caps is related to the overall effect of clothing. With appropriate and appropriate, contribute to the personal image of the shape, or may give the personal image of a negative impact. From the human dress psychological point of view, people use clothing goods in order to create a complete personal image or interpretation of the self, this phenomenon is prevalent in each dresser.
Show the aesthetic orientation of the dress psychology is human instinct, people in the modification of their own at the same time tCaps his aesthetic orientation. For the Caps, it is part of the overall dress, the choice should be fully considered its decorative effect and the overall degree of harmony of clothing.