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How To Match The Winter School Uniform

Oct 23, 2017

How to match the winter School Uniform
How does the winter School Uniform match? For our students, the ugly School Uniform is like a weight on our body, so that we are very uncomfortable, but but helpless, then in this case, how should we let the School Uniform wear another flavor there Stress, and then we introduce the girls under the School Uniform with the method:
Top: Top (from inside to outside) plus cashmere shirt (must be self), self-cultivation sweater, down vest, self-cultivation down jacket, School Uniform jacket
Not very cold, then down jacket do not have to wear, with a cardigan sweater or sweater instead (so even if you can get off the uniforms are also good)
Pants: In fact, the lower body is also very important, which do not wear velvet panties, it is recommended a leggings (spring wear silk stockings, tight on the body), plus cashmere leggings (also tight), School Uniform or skirts
Shoes: the best socks can be socks, then, after wearing a pair of stockings socks (do not underestimate the stockings Oh, in fact, the lining of the warm function of the big)
The other side of the fear of cold due to the majority of physical or sexual chill caused by the usual exercise (just the students) is a little tonic not afraid of cold
I generally in the winter on a bottoming shirt plus down jacket, lower body plus cashmere a leggings, the coldest time, leggings two can be very good to achieve the effect of warmth
The above is Xiaobian for everyone on the winter School Uniform on how to use the method, I believe we have some understanding of these, the best words is to be able to try, of course, in this to remind you all students are not excessive In order to look good and his body cold.
Many students have this problem: junior high school students should be how to match with good school? For this problem, but also plagued a lot of students, especially junior high school girls, in this age is the most beautiful time, then the junior high school students should be how to match, then, Xiaobian to introduce you:
Junior high school students uniforms with a method
Long-sleeved t-shirt + denim shorts with bright colors beautiful youth
Junior high School Uniform with two
Yellow jacket + jeans petite and lovely, small and exquisite little girl is one of the favorite
Junior high School Uniform with three
Black jacket + light-colored sandy skirt + black stockings mysterious super-full of pure memory, so that junior high school students greatly enhance the charm index, but also piercing the trend
Junior high School Uniform with four
Beige small suit jacket so that the little girl looks more neat and regular, with the color dress and black stockings are no longer old-fashioned monotonous but added a little soft beauty
Junior high school students uniforms with five
Looks like the 80's junior high school dress feel simple black skirt with pink little shirt, people forget the changes of the times, back to nature, this is the junior charm of junior high school students
The above is on the junior high School Uniform with the introduction of these collocation methods, junior high school students can go to try, there is always a match is the most suitable for you, if you want to customize the School Uniform can also consult our customer service.