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How To Clean School Uniform Mummy Should

Nov 06, 2017

How to clean School Uniform Mummy should
During this rainy season, how mothers should cleanse their children's School Uniform is a big problem because at this time School Uniform and other clothes are prone to mildew due to moisture, etc. Then we How to deal with this situation should happen, then Xiaobian to share for everyone:
1, Cleaning School Uniform need to be carefully and thoroughly cleaned is very important
When mum cleaning School Uniform, can not be so-so. School Uniform on the baby is particularly prone to eating, leaving the stain after playing these stubborn stains difficult to clean, but also need to wash more diligent mother School Uniform. School Uniform is often worn by baby clothes, must be kept clean, in order to let bacteria can not find breeding hotbed.
2, Cleaning School Uniform light decontamination can not, but also to achieve sterilization bit
The humid environment in the rainy season is a breeding ground for bacteria. In addition, when the baby touches too many people and goods in kindergarten, the bacteria in School Uniform will naturally become more abundant. When cleaning School Uniform, simply remove the stains on clothing, it is difficult to face tough hands and mouth fungus and mold, so clean School Uniform way is not to achieve the effect of sterilization.
At this moment, mums need to use the bacteriocidal washing products to sterilize their babies when they wash their school uniform, so as to avoid the bacteria breeding. Here to the mother recommended Tide full effect sterilization liquid detergent, it added Shu skin good ingredients, mild and not to hurt the hand, at the same time can effectively remove the bacteria on School Uniform, so that when the mother can clean the School Uniform laundry Sterilization step in place, much of the province To the first laundry after sterilization time wasted.
3, drying School Uniform to be completely, there is no need to dry the sun
If you do not see the sun for a long time in the rainy season, it is not advisable to dry the School Uniform after cleaning the School Uniform. This method of drying can remove the moisture from the clothes, but it provides bacteria growth on the School Uniform due to longer drying time Ample time. Therefore, mothers need to choose drying and other quick drying methods, so that clothes quickly dry and placed in a dry lockers, to avoid contact with humid air and clothing, resulting in bacteria.
The above is a small series for everyone to share on how to deal with the rainy weather, but also for everyone to provide a specific solution to the rainy weather is actually not difficult, just follow the above method can solve these problems
How to Clean White School Uniform? We all know that white clothes are very afraid of dirty, but also very obvious, then we wear white School Uniform in the process, this situation is difficult to avoid, in this case we should be how to clean? Next we introduce to you:
How to wash white clothes: White School Uniform, cleaning is not clean, there will be after the white stains, accidentally wear out, but can be embarrassed. For this, Xiao Bian to introduce you to a method tried in person
Cleaning method: In the first pass, add a little vinegar in the water (vinegar color is darker, if you are afraid of stained color to School Uniform, it is best to use white vinegar), on the line, and then wash, not Will always feel sticky detergent, it works.
The above is how to clean the white School Uniform method, these methods not only can only wash the white School Uniform, you can also clean other white clothing, so these are very good.