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How To Clean And Maintain School Uniform?

Sep 12, 2017

How to clean and maintain School Uniform?

Today, a student, Ms. Wu, found us from the website. Instead of making uniforms, she asked us how to clean and maintain our new School Uniform. In the new school season, the students all get the new School Uniform, which is really a concern for parents.
Clean and maintain the School Uniform
I. cleaning of exercise uniforms:
1. After receiving the new sports uniform, it should be cleaned and worn first, and the dark and light-colored School Uniform should be washed separately so as not to dye each other.
2. The colored uniforms do not use with bleaching powder detergent to wash, also do not put in soak in bleach, also do not use more than 30 ℃ hot water to clean.
3. After pulling the buttons and zippers of clothing, they will be washed.
4. If there is a lot of sweat in the School Uniform after exercise, soak it in a small amount of salt water for about half an hour.
5. If it is a faded cotton School Uniform, it is not too long to soak, preventing the appearance of mutual dyeing or shrinkage; After cleaning, do not wring hard, in half dry time should use hand to pull a pull at key position such as collar, front, dry and then use hand to pull a pull, School Uniform can be very smooth.
6. After washing, it should be dried in the shade and not exposed to discoloration and discoloration in the sun.
Ii. Maintenance of sports uniforms:
1. Wash and clean before preservation, so as to prevent worm decay, mildew and embrittlement.
2. Keep the clothes and closets of clothing and wardrobe must insist on drab and clean, which is also an important condition for garment maintenance.
3. Open the cabinet closet at the right time, make it ventilated, or place a clothing order dispensing agent, and build a monotonous preservation environment.
School Uniform as a kind of clothing, in the School Uniform design, the School Uniform processing aspect often becomes the child not to wear, the parents often complain about the clothing. In the clothing industry, clothing as a set design, processing, production, which integrates professional uniform design company, mainly engaged in processing and uniform tailored suits, overalls, protective clothing and other services, large garment processing customer consistent high praise.
The large market demand of the School Uniform of middle and primary school students makes the School Uniform processing enterprises develop better and better. The beautiful and generous School Uniform are often popular with students. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the distinction between summer, winter and spring and autumn in the processing of uniforms, and safety performance and appearance model are very important.
The survey found that 67 percent of students who didn't like their School Uniform were dissatisfied with their uniforms, while 78 percent of them were unhappy with their uniforms.
When asked "which aspect of School Uniform is most concerned," students focus on uniforms at a much higher rate than others, accounting for 56 percent.
The student to the School Uniform type preferences, with 42% of the students like relaxed and natural casual uniforms, in contrast, rigorous formal uniforms, School Uniform are not so popular, fans (20%), less than like the number of sports uniforms.
Boys and girls also tend to have a slightly different type of School Uniform, while boys tend to prefer sports uniforms, while girls prefer casual School Uniform.
In the uniform structure of "like" option, like "comfortable fit type" students accounted for 53%, like "loose structure" of students also accounted for 42%, and the like "tight structure" is only 5%, with the most students don't like formal School Uniform in front of the this result is consistent.
"For students like School Uniform color" survey, like blue the most is the number of students in School Uniform, 37%, 19%, followed by black came in third place was 14%, white 11%, the fourth is red the color of the least popular with students is yellow department is only 4%.
About School Uniform fabrics according to the survey, 47% of the students care about uniform fabric air permeability, these were in high school students, large activity at ordinary times, fast metabolism, School Uniform fabrics have good permeability is a great influence on their daily life; The second is the appearance of the fabric.