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How To Buy Sport Cap? What Material Is Better?

Jul 01, 2017

How to buy Sport Cap? What material is better?
It seems that the hot weather is coming, and the sun is going to be sunny. People under the sun's sports cap sun umbrella Qi battle, these Sport Cap with different materials, such as cotton, canvas, new materials and so on. Sports hat factory description sports cap what material is good? How to choose sports hat?
Sports cap factory analysis of sports cap what material is good?
General sun hat material nylon, cotton, cotton and linen blended and mesh yarn cap, straw hat. Sports hat sunscreen effect is the key to the size of the material density, the naked eye can distinguish. In contrast, mesh yarn cap and straw hat material density, although wearing a cool, but the worst shielding effect, sunscreen effect can be imagined; cotton sports cap sun protection factor up to 1000 or more, but the material Thicker, summer wear is particularly easy to sweat. Nylon cap material thin, very suitable for summer use, anti-ultraviolet effect is also good.
Sports cap factory description In addition to material, the choice of sun hat but also according to their actual situation. If you use frequent, such as working in the outdoor people, or travel, should choose wide-edge sports cap; neck short to half and narrow side of the sun hat best; stay long hair female, Of the sun hat, you can receive the effect of hair care.
In summary, the nylon sports hat sunscreen will be better
Sports hat factory explains how to choose sports cap?
Summer shade or high altitude area shade sports cap. Commonly used cloth, grass, plastic and so on. Cap was hemispherical, and some in the forehead or both sides attached to the lotus leaf side. Women's sun hat behind a small cloak-style pieces to protect the neck; male sun hat front with a stiff tongue or with a sun lens. Some Sport Cap will have an outward extension of the canopies, known as the cap. Wearing a hat has a different ritual in different cultures, which is especially important among Western cultures because wearing a sports cap in the past is a symbol of social identity.
Sports hat factory seems to move off the hat, do not casually put, should be placed on the hat rack, perhaps the hook, the above do not weight, to avoid aliasing deformation. Sports hat for a long time, inside and outside the sports cap will be stained with grease, dirt, to wash away in time.

Sports cap plant on the cap to be able to remove the wash, and then stretched, to avoid the hat on the sweat damp moldy, affecting the number of Sport Cap. Sports cap on the gray to always brush. Adhesive to the hat on the sludge, grease, can be soft with a soft brush dipped in hot soapy water scrub, and then washed with water. When washing the sports cap, you can find a round hat or porcelain bowl with the same size as the sports cap, and wear the sports cap on top to wash it again.

Sports cap factory analysis of sports cap to save: to brush to dust, wash away the dirt, in the sun for a while, and then wrapped in paper, put in a hat box, stored in a ventilated, boring local, together in the storage box Built-in desiccant to prevent moisture.

Sports hat demolition clean more special, there can not be soaked (such as hair, sequins, or a paper-type sports cap, etc.), if the exercise cap cotton can be washed, paper pad, then this sports cap that is only rub Can not wash, wash back on the back. Because he is a three-dimensional shape, so the most taboo with a washing machine.