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How Do You Wash Your Caps Properly?

Sep 12, 2017

How do you wash your Caps properly?
The Caps should be taken care of and kept. When the Caps is taken off, do not randomly put, should hang on the coat rack, or the coat hook, do not press the weight on the top, in order to avoid the deformation of the sample. Wear a Caps for a long time, the inside of the Caps will be stained with oil scale, filth, want to wash away in time. The Caps lining can be removed and cleaned, and then on, lest the sweat of the Caps lining is mouldy and affects the life of the Caps. The ash on the Caps must be brushed regularly. Adhere to the mud, oil scale, can be dipped in hot soapy water with soft brush to wash gently, then wash with clean water. When washing a Caps, can find a round can or porcelain basin tCaps is the same size as the Caps, put the Caps on the top to wash brush again, lest get out of sample.
Caps collection: want to brush away dirt, wash away dirt, bask in the sun for a while, and then with a paper bag, and put in Caps-box, stored in ventilated and dry place, at the same time in the storage box placed desiccant, in case of moisture.
Caps cleaning is more special, have not immersed (such as feathers, sequins, or have a backing paper Caps, etc.), if the Caps made of cotton can wash, paper pad, this Caps is to wash, can wipe can't because he was a three-dimensional shape, so the most taboo in the washing machine.
The correct washing of the general Caps is:
1. Take off the Caps if you have any decorations.
2. Clean the Caps should be soaked with water and neutral detergent first.
3. Gently brush with a soft brush.
4. The inner ring sweat zone part < the part of the contact with the head circle of the head circle, which is washed several times to thoroughly clean the sweat and bacteria. Of course, if you choose the antibacterial anti-odor material? TCaps's the step.
5. Change the Caps into four petals, gently shake off the water, and not use the washing machine to dehydrate.
Spread out the Caps, put old towels in it, keep it dry and dry, avoid hanging dry.
The proper washing of special Caps is:
1. The skin Caps can be wiped clean with the onion slice, or can be dipped in the gasoline to clean the wool, which can achieve a good washing effect.
2. The stain on the felt Caps can be cleaned with a mixture of ammonia and an equal amount of alcohol. First dip the mixture in a piece of silk and then scrub it. You can't get too wet with your Caps, or you'll get out of shape.
3. It's best to fill the Caps with crumpled paper and cloth and then cool dry.
4, wool Caps, not washed, because wool shrink. Caps if you stick to a dirt or pet hair cut, etc., can use wide adhesive tape, reflex set in the fingers up to touch, can remove surface dirt. Wool Caps does not need cleaning every time, but easy to shorten life, if must be clean, dry cleaning is the most appropriate way.
People to old age, Yang qi day deficiency, various physiological functions gradually decline, the external adaptation ability is poor, the resistance is weakened. Therefore, old people should be dressed well. Generally, the old people should wear light, soft, warm, easy and simple principles.
Wearing a Caps not only has the effect of beautifying the instrument, but also has the practical function tCaps maintains the body heat balance. In costume hygiene, it is often referred to as "hot debt". Experiments show tCaps the human body is generally in a comfortable state when "hot debt" is less than 105 joules. When "hot debt" exceeds 6 by 105 joules, people get cold. Foreign people to test the function of Caps, found tCaps under the condition of 0 ℃, are in a stationary state, two men wearing the clothing, don't wear a Caps and wear a Caps, compared to send out 105 joules per hour. The test figures show tCaps the function of the Caps is mainly to regulate "hot debt" and maintain the thermal balance of the body. It does not cause the body heat change because of excessive heat in the head, it is not easy to cause the cold feeling.
The material of the Caps should be soft, light, warm performance is appropriate. The person tCaps sebaceous gland function is exuberant, hair grease is more, want to wear breathable, frivolous Caps, and must brush wash frequently, remove oil grease and sweat spot in time. A person with a weaker body and a common cold must use a Caps made of material or wool. The north of our country is very cold in winter. People with high blood pressure should not be too heavy, not too tight, in case of a headache. Newly bought Caps, if the skin appears urticaria or bronchial asthma symptom, should consider whether it is caused by the fur of the Caps or down feather. Don't borrow any Caps from each other to prevent the spread of tinea.