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Four Large Pullover Hoodies Moisture Tips

Nov 06, 2017

Four large Pullover Hoodies moisture tips
Pullover Hoodies in the summer or winter vacation, how to ensure that moisture does not appear the emergence of the Pullover Hoodies moldy and so on, and these are the things we basically do not pay attention to during the holiday, then the next for everyone Describe the four methods of dampness under the Pullover Hoodies:
A law of moisture-proof clothing: thoroughly cleaned
Moisture-proof and mold-proof is based on the thorough washing of the clothes. When cleaning the Pullover Hoodies, especially the easy-to-clean parts such as neckline, cuffs and sacks, if the cleaning is not thorough enough, it will become a mold for bacteria to grow, hair. Some mothers used to once or twice through the clothes into the closet, that the clothes look dirty anyway, do not need cleaning. In fact, such clothes are the most moldy, because of the large amount of bacteria, and the remaining grease, perspiration is easy to grow mites, so to deal with moldy, the first is to do a good job of scouring, cleaning Pullover Hoodies need to be very thorough.
Clothing moisture technology two: clothing sterilization
When cleaning the Pullover Hoodies, only germicide is completely clean. It is strongly recommended to use a cleansing product that has a bactericidal effect to remove bacteria from your clothes and make them more secure. The Tide-Complete Tonic Aseptic Series, which contains a good skin care component, is quite welcome when cleaning the Pullover Hoodies. Can get rid of the five major clothing bacteria. Ideal for school cleaning Pullover Hoodies. Even in case of rain, but also often wash, can not be troubling. You can use the dryer to dry, or use electric fans, hair dryer first blow, then hang up to dry.
Three moisture-proof clothing: Hanging storage
After cleaning the Pullover Hoodies, do not use heap stacking, it is best to use a hanger to hang up, so that clothes have the space breathable, not easy to mold: the family commonly used box-type moisture-proof agent is best hanging on top of clothing 10 cm, so that the lime ingredients will be fully functional! It should be noted that in the rainy season, should be as little as possible to switch the wardrobe, so as to avoid hygroscopic strong cotton, linen, silk, wool fabric mildew, if found The sun's figure, then pay close attention to open the wardrobe door, so that clothes "mouth breathing." Pump vacuum bag is also the preservation of home hot goods in recent years, be regarded as moisture cutlery!
Four moisture-proof clothing: get rid of moldy
If the unfortunate clothing infected moldy, can be targeted solution. When washing the Pullover Hoodies, if the Pullover Hoodies is cottony, use a few green bean sprouts, rub it in a spot of mildew repeatedly and then rinse it off with water to get rid of the mildew. If the clothes or sheets have yellow marks, you can apply some milk, put the sun for a few hours, so repeatedly washed again. This is only after the fill, remember, clothing germicidal moisture is the first priority to avoid mold.
The above is about the four big Pullover Hoodies moisture-proof clothing, for the Pullover Hoodies, we should even when the holiday proper maintenance, so as to reduce waste.