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Four For Cleaning School Uniform And Rub Off

Jul 10, 2017

Four for cleaning School Uniform and rub off

Small make up to share how the sport uniform cleaning and maintenance, together with all of you know today when cleaning uniform method of prevention of fade: dark wash for the first time will typically have a uniform floating color, then parents will think it is a uniform quality problem, is not, as long as it's not large area or especially serious does not belong to quality problems, this is because the fabric after dyed the rest of the dye is not fixed, all clothes is inevitable, how to wash better? Four ways to cleaning School Uniform and rub off:

Sports School Uniform fabrics dyed the floating color as long as the correct washing method, generally will not wash a few times. And fade is not serious and washing method has a lot to do; Colored cloth dyes are easily dissolves in water; Dye wet condition under the action of the sun, also easy to fade; Dyes and fiber texture combined with strong enough, also fade when washing. So, to make the cloth do not fade, should be paid attention to when catharsis don't long soak in hot water, soap water, caustic soda, don't use a washboard rub brush or brush.

Anti rub off the first recruit: pickling process. The need of the material: table vinegar

It mainly aims at is the bright red or purple color such as cotton School Uniform. Methods for before washing School Uniform, plus some ordinary vinegar soak down into the water for a while! The amount of vinegar cannot too much, otherwise easy to dyeing light-colored clothes. If you can often so clean School Uniform can ensure uniform color is bright and clean like new.

The rub off the second recruit: toilet water cleaning method. The need of the material: toilet water

The second recruit more suitable for cotton, uniform method first according to the conventional method to clean School Uniform, rinse clean, after a few drops on clean water toilet water, and then wash good uniform soaked in the water for 10 minutes. Cleaned uniform in this way can also have the effect of disinfection sterilization and removal of sweat.

The rub off three recruit: salt water immersion method. Material: salt

This recruit the most suitable for tackling the problem of design and color of uniform fade. New buy school School Uniform in order to prevent fade, can use first before the first strong brine bath, half an hour, and then according to the conventional method to clean. If there is still a slight rub off, can be in every water cleaning before with light saline soak in ten minutes, persevere in the long term, school School Uniform will definitely won't rub off!

Rub off the fourth recruit: prevention against drying method.

This method is the most commonly used, especially for some dark School Uniform are particularly effective. Method is very simple, is the School Uniform, in turn, air is basked in. Here to remind you: most of the fabrics of clothes can be the sun direct illuminate, because ultraviolet light is clothes fade the culprit. So not only should, in turn, drying, conditional word as far as possible in the light and ventilation will clothes out to dry.