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Fashion Trends

Mar 28, 2017

Because the t-shirt is wearable in various costumes, and slight changes to its style, if appropriate, in shirt decoration, added a lot of flavor. Oily signatures on the light colored t-shirts with English letters or names of Chinese phonetic alphabet to write their own or of their idols, or draw a cartoon on a few simple and full of fun, look cool and chic. Or colorful yarn in t-shirt picked out spots on the two sleeves of small floral or simple geometric forms, do not have fun. Can take two very different color t-shirt cut lengthwise into two halves, swap and then all sewn up, to form a special style. Dressed in old t-shirts are no longer cut under a circle, ribbons can be made using floating in on the head of young women, more lively and lovely, full of romantic ambience. Through these process allows t-shirt add endless charm. Both stylish and fun, become a major trend.