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Dress With

Mar 28, 2017

T-shirt and jeans match began almost from their origin. Jeans derived from a Italy port of sailor costume, at said port of sailor for Genoese,GENES probably from Yu this; 17th century in the, American Ann that Indianapolis port tea Terminal workers wear a short sleeve shirts, is said to have this is t-of initially originates, due to TEA and TEE homophonic, so has TEE (TEA)-SHIRT a said, Hou referred to T-SHIRT or TEE.19 century late, T-SHIRT gradually became British beauty Navy of underwear uniforms. With the rise of the knitting industry, as underwear T-shirt began to be widely accepted.

The perfect advertising

In 1960, the unprecedented fierce us election, John Kennedy narrowly defeated Richard Nixon, the last elected President. T-shirt becomes for the first time in the election campaign of mobile media. T-shirt to put on, not only has the mobile (WAP) characteristic of more personal Declaration of stance and attitude. From then on, the t shirt as a popular advertising media, Coca-Cola and Pepsi t shirt expensive changes, since ever. Synonymous with basic advertising which made t-shirts.