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Do You Know The 5 USES Of Baseball Cap?

Sep 12, 2017

Do you know the 5 USES of Baseball Cap?

Baseball Cap were developed along with the baseball game, which is a kind of ball game, which is a kind of ball game. It is widely and influential in the world, and is known as "the combination of competition and wisdom". In the United States, Japan is particularly popular, known as the "national ball". Is due to the influence of the baseball, Baseball Cap and thrived along with the development of the game of baseball according to the textual research of experts for many years, believe that baseball is the result of the British Cricket (also called rounders ball Rounder Cricket).
The purpose of the Baseball Cap:
1. Sunshade. Baseball Cap play a role in the sun's rays as the baseball players get their eyes on the sun because of the space and time during the game.
2. Beam. A Baseball Cap can limit an athlete's hair to avoid errors due to excessive hair covering during the race.
Keep warm
Baseball players play in winter or cooler seasons, and Baseball Cap can help keep the head warm
4. Protection. Baseball Cap can be used as a way to prevent small items from falling into the hair, such as preventing sand in a baseball game.
5. Decoration. With the development of the Baseball Cap, the above four characteristics as the most basic function of Baseball Cap, already can't satisfy the need of modern Baseball Cap now more and more fashion, as a kind of decoration products.
The ingredients for a Baseball Cap
A, the peak
A Baseball Cap duck's tongue is also called a hat. So the tongue core is also called the eyebrow core.
Every Baseball Cap needs a tongue core. The shape and quality of the core of the tongue directly affect the shape and quality of the Baseball Cap. Generally speaking, the tongue core of the adult hat is about 18 to 18.5 CM, the length is generally 7CM, and the length is usually 9CM. I think these two dimensions are enough, not too messy, too complicated. Except for children's hats.
The outer arc of tongue core, there is no standard, remember not to be too sharp, too thin, too urgent, radian should be natural and generous. The inner arc is generally easy to be ignored. This is really important. It must be consistent with the helmet, especially the two corners, or it will affect the hat shape.
The quality of the tongue core is usually three parameters of thickness, hardness and tensile strength. But these are largely determined by the material. Oil rose, raw materials expensive, try very hard to add back material, cause the tongue core is light, thin, no feel, not really, fracture, also will be a needle out of the residue, strength is not enough, finalize the design effect is poor, cannot last long.
The color of the tongue core, normal black and white, and the white (milk white), according to the requirement, can also make red green, only the color effect is poor, also not necessary.
If the conditions permit, it is suggested to use a good quality tongue core, finally to improve the product quality and grade, has the considerable help, especially the finished product water washing hats, but is often ignored.
Second, the Baseball Cap buckle
At present, most manufacturers use the Baseball Cap of the metal Baseball Cap and plastic Baseball Cap.
1. Metal Baseball Cap button:
It is usually made of aluminum and consists of a bowl Baseball Cap, core and nail. After cover and cored cloth, pin to the hat. In the past, the thin cloth with a 1.3-cm Baseball Cap, thick cloth with a 1.6cm hood, now seems to have been unified with 1.3 CM. There are two kinds of nails, one is two feet, one is three feet, and the three feet are relatively stable and stable.
The mold of the button and knob is best provided by the manufacturer of the production Baseball Cap button, because the products produced by different manufacturers are somewhat different, so it is hard to avoid general motors. If mixed, it is likely that the Baseball Cap button is loose, or too tight, or even damage the mold.
The size of the Baseball Cap button is a good thing, but pay attention to different thickness of the fabric, use different specifications of the mold. The general thickness is used in a variety of, such as pig anti-fleece, wool and nitrile, 7X7, 7X10, 10X10 yarn card, 2X3 canvas, corduroy, 10 ounces of denim. Thin is used in another, such as 16X10, 16X12, 20X16, 108X58 lenka, 2X2 canvas, 10 ounces of denim, etc. There are also ultrathin, such as peach-skin type of chemical fiber fabrics, with double layer cloth or the opposite gluing a piece of unwoven paper lining, so that the Baseball Cap button is firm and not deformed.
2. Plastic Baseball Cap button:
It is similar to the metal Baseball Cap knob, only the button is plastic, the size is also big and small, I am not used, so I dare not comment, misleading people. Plastic Baseball Caps are usually made of metal and plastic, but mostly one-legged.
3. Special metal Baseball Cap button:
This kind of Baseball Cap button is generally made of copper, only the button and the two parts, do not need to wrap cloth, just type directly to go up. Nails are usually one-legged, and the button-face is usually bronzed, can be made of light, or can be pressed with various LOGO marks