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Different Stages Of Child Caps Selection

Jun 23, 2017

Different stages of child Caps selection
1. Different stages of child Caps selection
In recent years, many infants and young children Caps clothing is often found unqualified, washing the size of the rate of change, fiber content, pH, color fastness, etc., these are the major children's clothing brand is easy to drop the detection index. For many mothers, there is no instrument to detect these data, then how do we know tCaps we buy the product is not in line with safety standards?
Infant baby Caps to buy
Infants (0-1 years old) of the main characteristics of the body for the performance of small head, head accounted for the length of 4/8. Trunk accounted for the length of 3/8, legs short, accounting for the length of the body 1/8, height is about 3.5-4 head high, bones soft, no waist, in the body development faster, larger body changes in the period. From the physiological point of view: the baby more sleep, sweating more, spoiled milk frequency is higher, more excretion times, the skin is particularly delicate, are not self-care ability and white protection of the special groups.
The choice of baby Capss to parents of hobbies and awareness as the standard, for the baby's body in the rapid growth period, parents choose to wear a Caps to pay attention to the style should be relaxed and comfortable; cotton fabric is the first choice for the baby; Caps color to choose White or light. In addition, pay attention to the Caps sewing stitch can not be broken or thread, so as not to hurt the baby's skin; just bought the baby Caps to remove the trademark in time to prevent injury to the baby delicate skin.
During this period, the growth rate of young children is slower than tCaps of infants, and the height is about 4 heads high. From a physiological point of view, children are good, sweating, delicate skin, can control the urine, language, action and expression began to appear.
2 children 's baby Caps to buy
Children's skull development earlier than the trunk, trunk is earlier than the limbs. From 2-6 years old, lower extremity growth accelerated, much more than the development of the skull body; to 6 years of age when the proportion of physical development is more symmetrical. Childhood is the primary stage of youth development, the final stage of child development.
Children Caps clothing to be safe, comfortable, relaxed, convenient to meet the physical needs of physical activity. Fabric should pay attention to its comfort and health care functions, the color tends to bright, active color, specifically according to different age groups of children's birth and psychological characteristics to choose, the main choice of children's cartoon cartoon image, animal and plant , Flowers, text and so on.