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Cotton Cloth

Mar 28, 2017

1, features: a hydrophilic fibers, strong water absorption and quick dry. With moderate fiber, 3.5 ~4.0g/d of tensile strength, but increases 10% strength when wet, making it a washable fiber. Thermal conductivity is good, does not generate static electricity problems.

2, the merit: a) sweat cooling, unit price is low; b) thermal conductivity is good, does not generate static electricity problems; C) acid is not afraid soda can withstand strong detergents to clean.

3, disadvantage: a) elasticity is poor and easily wrinkled; B) initial water there will be shrinkage phenomena, washed all clothes rumpled, shrink in size or larger; C) against vulnerable to mildew and moths; D) sweat acid damage to cotton, cotton's strength to reduce, prone to yellowing.


1, features: 70% man-made fibres of cotton and 30%.

2, the merit: a cotton wick effect with man-made fibre exterior, features.

3, disadvantage: poor touch.

TC (TC-Dragon, polyester)

1, material: polyester fiber POLYESTER.

2, the merit: texture and good resistant to sunlight, water cleaning difficult to deformation, friction resistance good.

3, cons: static and Pilling, no sweat.