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Caps Factory To Tell You In Normal Life, How Should We Wear A Caps Is Correct?

Jul 01, 2017

Caps factory to tell you in normal life, how should we wear a Caps is correct?
Sun Caps with shade, decoration, temperature protection and other effects. So many varieties, the selection is also elegant.
First of all, according to the face to pick the appropriate Caps. The face of the person is mainly square (national face), round (round face) and sharp (sharp face) three.
Round face with a dome Caps, it looks big face, Caps small. Such as wearing a large cap on the appropriate comparison. Sharp face wearing a cap on the face of the big face on the small, even more thin. So wear a dome cap is appropriate. The face of the people wearing all the Capss are appropriate.
Followed by Rongtai Caps factory proposed according to their own figure to select the Caps. Height of the Caps should be large should not be small, or give the head light and heavy feelings. The person who is short is the opposite. Tall woman should not wear high tube cap, or give people the feeling is "again" grow taller. Short stature lady should not wear flat head wide canopy, will appear shorter. Wearing a Caps and wearing the same clothes, to try to learn from each other, even since the wearing of a meet, but also make people look elegant. Caps way and color, etc. necessary and clothes, scarves, gloves and shoes and other supporting. Wearing glasses of the ladies, do not wear a Caps above the messy flowers, Caps should not cover the forehead, Caps to be higher, so you can show your free and elegant posture and elegant temperament. How should we wear a Caps in normal life?
Caps in our lives can play a great warm effect, and now adults and children are inseparable from it, it can be said tCaps it is suitable for young and old products, then we usually should be how to live
Wear it right?
If the Caps is not properly worn, it will reduce the Caps to become the real value of the decorations. Then I understand the rough to explain the steps to wear a Caps. - Caps factory recommended.
Caps factory Caps is actually all the code, indicating tCaps the appropriate head wear, individual size should be specified in the Caps, the choice of time to pay more attention, of course,
Pick up a Caps, first turned over to see inside, sweat with joints, (usually also wash the standard, the trademark of the sewing) for the back of the Caps. Take the sweat band for the back, put the Caps on the head, and the cap is complete
Wear down, can not stay in the top of the gap between the head, like wearing a high Caps like this will affect the Caps beautiful, if you feel completely Caps wearing a dress, the Caps is blocking the line of sight, may be appropriate to pull the Caps, But the decision
Can not pull too much. Helpless line of sight is not by you will not completely wear your Caps or pull the Caps to avoid the back, but the Caps can be properly turned up, so will be a lot of beautiful, and still do not wear a Caps,
Ambient temperature of 15 ℃, the loss of heat from the head of the total body heat 30%, 4 ℃ when the total heat of 60%. If the head cold, it will cause cerebral vasoconstriction, ranging from dizziness, headache, or cause head
Skin nutrition circulatory disorders and hair follicle metabolic disorders, resulting in hair nutrition imbalance or a lot of hair unnatural fall off. Serious may also induce some disease to patronize. Thus visible in the cold winter, head
And other parts of the body, also need to warm cold. --- Caps factory to recommend you.