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Can Satin Do Baseball Cap?

Jun 23, 2017

Can satin do Baseball Cap?
Satin cloth is rarely used as a baseball cap, because the material is softer, sometimes used to do the baseball cap lining, but this lavender satin baseball cap is the best satin cloth Made of.
Satin cloth is very thin, generally will not be used directly to do the baseball cap, to fit a layer of fabric to do, but because the fabric is too thin, when the paste is easy to blister, this is a technical problem. So after the discussion of the master, and finally decided to use a larger hardness of the fabric, paste out the satin cloth is not wrinkled, very suitable for baseball cap.
This satin baseball cap after a lot of twists and turns to overcome a lot of technical problems, and finally made out, and the production of large goods, and on time to complete the order by quality.
Baseball cap is our daily life often used in a clothing accessories, the use of a wide range: decoration, protection, props, gifts and so on, we do baseball hat when you want to get inexpensive baseball cap is not a Simple things, today Xiaobian told you how to distinguish between good and bad baseball cap secret.
First of all, from the baseball cap material, a good baseball cap material is generally very particular about the ordinary baseball cap material to cotton as a regular material, the price is also on the middle, this baseball cap and T / C The baseball cap is easy to mix out, T / C material is 80% polyester 20% cotton, and cotton baseball cap is the biggest difference between the feel will be more point, so be sure to distinguish it, this baseball cap Cost and cotton vary widely.
Baseball cap how to wash it will not shrink it?
The principle is a quick wash as soon as possible. In general, the smaller the detergent is, the easier it is to shrink the baseball cap of the wool, so it is less than the detergent to add a little to avoid the knitting of the baseball cap becomes smaller.
First, the cleaning of the baseball cap, must be maintained in the folded state holding hands
After the cleaning of the baseball cap, if not careful to single-handedly by the water, it is the formation of baseball cap serious deformation of the reasons. Do not give the baseball cap extra weight, please be sure to hold your hands up and down.
Second, the washing baseball cap and sweater to wash or wash the main way
Wash with about thirty degrees of warm water to clean and rinse, wash the method to wash and wash the main method of washing, do not use the way to rub. In the case of laundry detergents, multi-purpose cleaners can be used, but for higher sweaters, hair products and popular clothing, neutral detergent is preferred. To dehydration, wool products to a minute subject, no absorbent polyester products, the thirty seconds to prevail. More important is to wash as much as possible after the baseball cap tiled on the board, the board will be tilted so that the water can flow down the board, until the water drops after the hexagram in the hanger to dry.
Third, the baseball cap of polyester and the washing of the dress
Polyester fiber will not shrink after water will not be deformed, so even if there is a dry cleaning inside the label, or can wash their own at home Dress if it is polyester or nylon products, you can wash in the home with warm water and detergent, do not dry when the hand to wear, hanging with a hanger to drop the water, placed in a ventilated bathroom dry.
Fourth, shrink the baseball cap by the side after the spray, while adjusting the cap side of the iron
Shrink the baseball cap can be inside the pull out, in the hot horse after the shape of the whole spray, and then hold up to stretch the part of the order of hot.