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Art Carrier

Mar 28, 2017

In 1976, the famous graphic designer launched MILTONGLASER 'ILOVENY' of I love New York logo t-shirt, this design throughout the NY and was quickly COPY for ILOVE in major cities worldwide. Since then, the shirt is no longer just a fashion and become a graphic designer's artistic carrier of the civilian population. Today, numerous well-known global graphic designers or groups each year on behalf of its design and the realm of METAT-SHIRT. Not only that, the beginning of the 1990, fashion geek JEANPAULGAULTIER TOMFORD, even premium brands such as CHANEL often launch a simple t shirt design, t shirt in the frequent appearances make this one of the world's top catwalk civilian clothes are pushed to elegance and luxury artistic heights.

T-shirt design simple style changes are usually in the collar, hem and cuffs, colors, patterns, fabrics and shapes.

T-shirt summer clothing is the most active categories from uniforms to fashion, tee-shirts are free to match.

Almost around the world, no one regarded as cheap and boring clothing t shirt. It's really cheap, but perfect realization of human desire for self-expression; it's really simple, but shows personality and taste without compromise! ELLE has said that T-SHIRT will become the most basic styles of clothing, as well as uniforms and never lonely.