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Mar 28, 2017

Sewing, felting tire, knitting, weaving, injection molding and other technology. ① sewing: sewing, is the main production caps. The general process followed by material, leather, cutting, sewing, ironing set, stitched decoration, product testing. Due to the CAP types vary, ironing and shaping method and process character is different. Material such as natural and man-made fabric sewing domed hats, FASHION HATS, sewing sets of helmets on the head with iron after ironing, caps shape docile, neat in appearance. Skin wearing is put sewing good of CAP in sets in helmets head Shang, through added interlining, and batting, and brush pulp, and heating, method, formed flat of CAP in tire, again put sewing good of fur hats surface sets Shang, through nail flat, and heating, and drying, formed Cap tire and leather combination in with of stereotypes Cap top, again sewing Shang Cap ear fan, last into Cap. ② felt tire: mainly used for hats. Tyres, bleaching and dyeing of wool carding, and helmet head depending on the style used for ironing, pressing. ③ knitting: knitting machine woven Cap tube, Cap, sewing, ironing, etc. With the sewing process is basically the same. Black weave: mainly hand-woven through knit, crochet, molding. ⑤ plastic: plastic by injection molding machines injection Cap molding. Mainly for the production of helmets, and so on.