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Mar 28, 2017

Jackets are worn by men since the middle ages, it is called Jack evolved from the jacket made of coarse cloth. Jack drum out of the sleeve of the 15th century, this sleeve is a kind of decoration, the arm does not go through it, put on clothes.

In 16th century, men's dress than Jack long, tie up with tape, forming folds around the body, into 20th century, men's down jacket from the stomach of the buttons is turned on, cuffs have a decorative buckle, hem folds into the upper part of the hip clasp fixed.

While riding jacket for women is like the 18th century women's Safari, fitted jackets and later, after various changes, culminating, jacket almost all over the peoples of the world. However, as history has recorded it, really began to wear jackets for women, is to enter the 20th century onwards. Jacket is a Jacket in English transliteration, it is the General term for both men and women can wear a jacket. Jacket is the most common type of clothing in our modern life, due to its modeling light, lively and vibrant, so favoured by the majority of young men and women.