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Mar 28, 2017

Cap material ingredients, materials two categories. Ingredients with a fur (fur), combed wool, leather, artificial leather, plush, cloth, silk, all kinds of chemical fiber fabric and mesh fabric, wool, yarn, felt, fiber, plastics, metals, etc. Accessories resin lining, nonwoven interlining yarn, fabric lining, lined, linen lining, hot-melt Adhesive lining composites, polyurethane foam, plastics, and so on.


Cap logo. According to a nationwide survey of adults in China head length, head width, head circumference data to calculate develop early series. In this series, plus the surrounding 1cm allowance, becomes an adult hat, General-medium, large, extra large 3. Spring Autumn wear domed hats, FASHION HATS, medium is 51~54cm, King is 55~60cm, King for more than 61cm winter coat wearing medium is 53~55cm, King is 56~61cm, King 62cm. Children hats, baby hats, there is no uniform requirement.