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Jacket buying guide buying tips series

Mar 28, 2017

When choosing a jacket, first according to their size to select a different style.

Are fat people, can choose v collar single breasted jacket decorated, making the wearer a shorter shoulder, neck stretch effect.

Overweight women who choose jackets with a thread or back-breaking, will highlight the lines of the human body, is slim and delicate.

Short people should pay attention to the relative brevity, collar is not too large, front-door decoration is not too complicated, otherwise, it will make the figure look shorter.

Tall man put on tongue patch Pocket jacket, are more stable firm.

Secondly, according to their size and colour to choose a different color jacket. If crude fat figure should choose a cool jacket, gives a strong, youthful feel. If the figure is small or tall, choose a warm jacket, you can make the wearer appear tall and strong. In addition, buy jackets as well as purchasing other clothing, also have to pay attention to their size and quality. Jacket length slightly shorter than the Chinese tunic suit or suits, usually stands to the human body, hands down, and the wrist shall prevail. When fitting, slightly wider chest and back should be fit, hand forward without sense of restraint prevails.