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Mar 28, 2017

Jacket is the English transliteration of the jacket, a Bolero. Lapel, black, more snaps (buckle) or zippered, easy to work and activities. Jacket is the most common type of people in modern life, started in the late 80 's.

Jacket is a Chinese based on the pronunciation of Chinese words into English. Because these things are from abroad, spreading into China, China had no such thing, so of course there is no such word. With the continuous development of society and culture blend, therefore, China also has said many foreign words. Can be translated as: jackets, coats. The first (around 14th century) refers to the length to waist, long sleeves, open the body or head coat; units, and can also be set. But with the development of the times, and now, this term refers to a variety of fabric styles, short coat for various purposes, casual Jacket.