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Mar 28, 2017

Draw caps, helmet-drawing process and prepare relevant technical documents. Can generally be divided into design, colour and decoration design, model design.

Modeling design

CAP the overall appearance of the designs. Series standard or head to head as the basis for design. Cap size is proportional to cap the various parts. Cap design requirement of wearing a face with an object, to be cut, bent, there arc, hat, ears fan to coordinate. Modeling structure should be avoided right angle, angle, natural curves with curves to foil heads. Helmet head is particularly important in the design. Helmet head Hat-dedicated tools, design Hat kind of trial basis and key equipment for helmets, ironing set. Helmet head to head as a benchmark. Helmet head girth should be standard greater than head girth, height should be greater than the standard height of the head, apart from the height of headpieces, and generally at the bottom to add a 5~6cm high helmets.

Colour and decoration design

Is compatible with design design links. Usually used against, contrast, methods such as dot, materials, colors, decorations and shapes suited to beauty.