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Mar 28, 2017

CAP, worn on the head to protect and decorate products. Ancient clothing. Costumes.

Primitive man leaves on his head to protect the skin, head, produced a prototype of the hat. Journal of the Han • clothing "ancient cave and wild place, clothes risk their skins" records. Hat in ancient China, main Crest, Crown, bian, towels, Ze, P ' U head, helmet and other species (see figure). Cap also has a long history in the world. Ancient European men wearing hoods and caps, women wearing veils and head scarves. In ancient Europe and Asia minor villages, used to wearing homemade hats or other plant fiber knitted Cap. Traditional craftsmen in Athens and Rome often wears oval-shaped cap of felt hats. In Rome, this hat is a mark of Canton. Beaver fur hats popular 14th century in Flanders, and later spread to France and the United Kingdom. England bowler, was founded in 1850. American popular soft felt hats in the late 19th century. In Latin America and the Western United States popular wide-brimmed hat, its a brim edge roll up top hat or straw hat. East along the southern shore of the Mediterranean popular Turkey hat, its shape is flat-topped, no brim, Conic. Traditional Arab headdress is a colorful turban. Japan has a tradition of Les Murray with black paint silk Ridge Cap. In the tropics, people wore Cork helmets so as to avoid the Sun.