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Mar 28, 2017

Usually no eaves, also includes the front half of the tongue's hat. There are 10 species. ① Soviet Cap: CAP for leather, flat top and round 6, visor joints ears warm hat. Dai Yong indigenous to Northern and Western Europe farmers or hunters. Introduced to China in the 1950 of the 20th century by the Soviet Union. A tongue that Soviet-style, said peace in the tongue. ② Xinjiang caps: top 4-sided, multi colored velveteen hat, embroidered, beaded, small and exquisite, traditional caps. ③ Luo song Hat: cylindric camel caps. Top of fluff, brow showing little tongue. Widely popular in China in first half of 20th century. Black Berets: also known as the Dr Cap. Usually black or dark blue wool felt hat. ⑤ Red cap: grey flat Cap with a visor. Hat was octagonal, also known as the octagonal Cap. Began in the mid 1930 of the 20th century's Chinese Red Army. ⑥ Cap: China introduced from abroad before the movement, is so named because its shaped like a duck. CAP, high to low, also known as the CAP. Sadly, big top: also known as the hat. Began in late Qing dynasty China. Now for the people's Liberation Army military (see military uniforms), is also used in business suit. ⑧ Moslem caps: round, Crown walls high to high, made by Bai Piao or green velveteen. There are single and double the points. Muslim tradition hat. ⑨ tinselled Brocade Hat: shaped like a hat helmet, gold embroidery at the top, bottom inlay ornamentation. Hat in front of small eaves, ears fan block squirrel hair. For the Tibetan people. ⑩ Chef Hat: Dome, pinch around secret folds, there is a wide band under. Chef's hat, the higher craft, the higher maximum to 35cm.

Cover Cap

Tightly over the head and brain parts, exposing the forehead, jaw strap Cap. Sometimes additional visor. There are 6 species. ① baby hats: silk or cloth tailoring. ② head caps: the shape of the Tiger's head, for use in children. Similar to the rabbit hat, and so on. ③ swimming Cap: made of rubber or other waterproof swim caps. Black night: sleep hair hat, tie the lower jaw fixed.